Why Consider Getting Addiction Treatment In Eatontown NJ?

Substance dependency possesses the capacity to impact one\’s cognitive functions. Therefore, said subjects might not be able to always readily notice the adverse influence addiction has on them, realize that their problem has burgeoned out of control, or that they need professional assistance to overcome said vice.

Therefore, our treatment center stresses that drug users or their families should be alerted to specific signs potentially suggesting that they may need to seek treatment.

Why Consider Seeking Addiction Treatment?

Researchers have discovered that only about 10 percent of those with active dependencies seek assistance for such concerns. Said professionals often attribute this alarming statistic to the fact that most of these subjects simply feel that their problem is not that serious.

In response, the addiction treatment community has established criteria designed to determine just how problematic an individual\’s addiction is. These 11 factors are geared towards aiding a user, their families, or other close associations in figuring out whether the addiction in question is mild, moderate, or severe. These criteria include:


An addict will always experience intense cravings. Dependency is a disease. One major manifestation of this illness is a continual, often insatiable desire to ingest a specific substance. Therefore, even during times the dependent\’s body ails or they reach a point where they do not wish to use the drug anymore, cravings are too strong to ignore.

The Desire To Quit

Addiction treatment professionals maintain that, in actuality, many chemical dependents yearn to quit. A solid percentage of such subjects realize that such actions are detrimental, see the adverse impact it has on their life, and how the problem destroys relationships and other important aspects of their lives.

That said, many simply cannot stop. This is due in large part to the aforementioned cravings and the significantly negative influence drugs and alcohol exercise over the user\’s mind and mental faculties.

Lack Of Responsibility

Persons struggling with addiction often blame their circumstances on other people or circumstances. For example, those with appreciable past family or relationship problems might lay their dependencies at the feet of said subjects. However, other commonly blamed issues include:

  • Professional stressors
  • Financial issues
  • Health concerns
  • Inner emotional turmoil
  • Social anxiety
  • General frustrations
  • Current associations

Regardless of the circumstances, addicts tend to believe that external factors and not themselves are the cause of their dependencies.

Loss Of Interest

Users often lose the desire to participate in activities they once enjoyed. For example, those struggling with dependency will often shun associating with friends and family, playing sports, reading, cooking, or whatever other hobbies or interests they held before their addictions took hold.

Problems With Relationships

Addictive personalities often engage in detrimental endeavors including:

  • Lying
  • Stealing
  • Cheating
  • Failing to execute necessary duties
  • Absenteeism
  • Being untrustworthy

Such traits often place said subjects on thin ice with not only their close family members and friends but others like their co-workers, superiors, and social acquaintances.

Worsening Circumstances

As one\’s dependency intensifies, the associated fallout typically worsens. Ergo, the longer or more heavily addicted users are, they are likely to experience worsening professional, financial, relationship, and health problems.


The body and mind grows accustomed to addictive substances. Therefore, over time, the dependent must ingest more prodigious quantities to induce the intended desires. As a result, said individual develops a high degree of tolerance. Said circumstances also increase the addict\’s chances of overdosing.


Once the body grows dependent on a given chemical, it will experience withdrawal if the chemical of choice is not ingested for a given period of time. Withdrawal symptoms vary from minor to potentially life-threatening and could greatly inhibit the user\’s quality of life forcing them to do whatever is needed to satisfy their fix.

Devotion To Addiction

As one\’s problem worsens, their sole focus often turns to procuring the substance in question. The only issue of concern in an addict\’s life becomes ensuring they have enough money, contacts, and time to ensure they get their hands on the substance they are dependent upon. Everything else often takes on less importance.

Dangerous Use

As the throes of addiction escalates, users might find themselves in dangerous situations. Drug addiction is hazardous enough. However, those yearning to either hide or satisfy intense addictions could place themselves in perilous situations.

Lack Of Control

Above all, chemical dependents will often experience a complete lack of control. Every aspect of their life has the potential to spiral resulting in incalculable loss and harm.

Reaching Out To Us

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