How Do You Know You\’re Getting the Best Alcohol Rehab Treatment in NJ?

After you’ve decided to stop drinking, you will need a place that will meet your needs and provide the best care. Although New Jersey has hundreds of excellent alcohol rehabs, only one is right for you. Finding it will make all the difference to your recovery.

Although there is no perfect program, there are some programs that are more likely to lead to success than others. If you want to avoid relapsing in less than a year after receiving treatment for addiction, you need a facility that will get you on the road to recovery and keep you on it. Let’s examine the essential factors that will help you decide on the perfect treatment center for you.

Selecting from a Wide Number of Treatment Options

Finding the best alcohol rehab treatment in New Jersey is not as simple as asking your doctor, therapist, or insurance provider for recommendations. Neither is it as easy as reading reviews of NJ rehabs online. Choosing a facility that meets your needs can be quite complicated because you will need to conduct your own research. You can’t make an informed decision without comparing different rehab centers.

You should use a logical process when selecting the right alcohol rehab to ensure you are reviewing facilities that are qualified and reputable. You will also need to select one that offers the right services, amenities, and rates. To decide where to go, outline a series of steps. For instance, a three-step process might be to determine your goals, speak with a rehab consultant, and decide what facility features and services you need.

Determine Your Goals

Each rehab is unique. Even rehabs with the same specialty will take different routes to achieve their goals. Some focus on the physical aspect of addiction, while others focus on the psychological. A few offer a holistic approach that combines both physical and psychological treatment. To decide between these options, you will need to reflect on your goals to decide which approach is right for you.

You may also need to inquire if there are any treatment centers in New Jersey that deal with your specific alcohol addiction. If, for instance, you have underlying issues besides alcohol addiction, you will need dual diagnosis treatment. So, identify, to the best of your ability, your level of addiction and the types of behaviors you would like to recover from. If, for instance, you need intensive treatment, you should review residential treatment centers. Alternatively, if you need to hold down your regular job to support your family, you should review outpatient therapy centers.

Talk to a Rehab Consultant

Because rehab consultants are knowledgeable about addiction and its effects, they can guide you as well as help you locate the right rehab facility. To provide you with all the essential information that you need to decide where to go, they will ask you many questions to understand your current situation and your treatment preferences. It is never easy to make the right decision because you will have a lot of options. However, there is no need to feel overwhelmed. Since rehab consultants are experts in their field, they will give you the guidance you need to make the right decision. They will not only provide you with information about available treatments, but they can also connect you with the best rehab centers in your geographical area. They know the various NJ facilities well and can discuss your treatment options with you.

Decide on Rehab Features and Services

When you have a better idea of what your goals and needs are, here are some questions you should consider when deciding on your shortlist of rehab facilities:

  • What type of treatment do you need? Inpatient or outpatient? This depends on your needs and life situation.
  • Do you need specialized treatment? Alcoholism with dual diagnosis, for example, is a form of specialization.
  • Do you prefer any therapies? To decide, research the most popular types of therapies available.
  • What level of amenities are you looking for? Some rehab centers offer standard amenities. Others offer breakthrough treatments, such as equine therapy, and are more like 5-star hotels.
  • Do you prefer a particular location in New Jersey?
  • How long do you need the program? Your options range from 30 to 60 days.
  • How will you pay for your expenses? Since it’s difficult to find the right treatment when you are searching because there are so many options available to you, we have counselor available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please call 833-610-1174 if you need any assistance.
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