What Are 5 Items You Should Bring to Alcohol Rehab in New Jersey?

Preparing for your stay at a rehab facility can be simple yet challenging. You may find yourself overpacking or leaving important items behind if you aren\’t careful. To make your process easier, here are five items that you should bring to an alcohol rehab center in New Jersey.

1. A List Of Contacts You will probably want to keep your loved ones updated on your progress, so it is wise to bring along a list of contact information. Include both phone numbers and addresses just in case you would prefer writing letters. Just don\’t forget the stamps and stationery items.

2. Important Documents Always travel with an identification card and a small amount of cash to purchase items from vending machines and store runs. Carry along insurance and prescription cards to purchase your medications. If needed, pack a credit or debit card to take care of any other items needed along the way; however, it is advised that you guard these items cautiously.

3. Self-Help Items Bringing along a journal to track your progress can keep you motivated during your journey. While most facilities are already equipped with helpful reading materials, you can also bring your own inspirational reads. Just be aware that books that don\’t pertain to self-help or positivity may not be allowed on facility grounds.

4. Appropriate Clothing Generally, you will want to pack a week\’s worth of clothing. This should include leisure clothing, pajamas, a bathing suit, and at least one nice outfit for visitation or special occasions. These clothes should be modest and free of offensive wording or symbols. Check the facility\’s dress code beforehand to avoid any violations.

5. Alcohol-Free Toiletries & Beauty Products While your facility may provide some basic necessities, you should pack your own toiletries and beauty products such as:

  • Lotions and sunscreens
  • Brushes and combs
  • Dental cleaning products
  • Hair products (no aerosol sprays)
  • Deodorant
  • Makeup

Just be aware that some products and mouth rinses may contain alcohol. Some facilities won\’t allow these products, but others may permit them as long as alcohol isn\’t listed in the first three ingredients.

Large amounts of cash and valuables should be left at home or discreetly tucked away. While electronics are permitted in some centers, others may not approve of them. If you need additional help deciding which items are okay to pack or are ready to jump-start your recovery process, call us today at 833-610-1174.

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