What Rules Are Typically in Place in New Jersey Rehabs?

Rehab facilities in New Jersey are not too dissimilar from facilities in other states, meaning patients are required to follow facility rules while being treated for their addiction. While they can vary slightly from facility to facility, these rules often include

Cell phone use – In most cases, cell phones are either not allowed or restricted in some capacity. This rule is in place to prevent patients from communicating with drug dealers or anyone else that may negatively influence the outcome of their treatments. Furthermore, this rule limits the chances of sensitive information being shared on social media platforms like Facebook, for example. Similar restrictions are also in place when it comes to laptops as well.

Television and music – While it may feel like you\’re being cut off from the outside world, restricting television and music is intended to help you avoid potential triggers like being exposed to content depicting drug or alcohol use, for example.

Romantic relationships – Although it is entirely possible to form romantic relationships while going through rehab, most facilities will not allow such relationships and believe that they can be a distraction for those who are serious about overcoming an addiction.

Attendance and participation – If you\’re serious about overcoming your addiction to drugs or alcohol, most facilities will expect you to not only attend but also participate in all treatments and counseling sessions aimed at helping you to achieve sobriety.

Abstaining from drugs and alcohol – This rule is in place to prevent relapse and to ensure long-term recovery success. While it should be obvious, many people will still attempt to bring some illicit substance into a drug treatment facility, which defeats the purpose of seeking help in the first place.

Limitations on where you can go – Of course, this primarily applies to residential drug programs, but most NJ treatment centers will not allow you to come and go as you please. This rule, like many others, is designed to reduce the risk of relapse and to ensure patients are able to achieve long-term recovery success.

These rules should not be seen as a deterrent as they are designed to help you get the most out of your time spent in rehab. If you have questions regarding what to expect during your time at a New Jersey drug treatment facility, you\’re encouraged to speak with one of our friendly and compassionate representatives today. Call 833-610-1174

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