What Should a First Timer Expect from Rehabilitation Centers in NJ?

Choosing to enroll in a rehabilitation center in New Jersey is a way to regain complete control over your life and the current lifestyle you lead. If you are a first-timer looking for a rehabilitation center, it is important to know what to expect to prevent feeling caught off guard or surprised. When you are prepared for a stay in a rehabilitation center, face the challenges and obstacles that present themselves head-on and without fear or hesitation. With the right rehabilitation center, learn how to live your life again without the need or desire to use substances such as drugs and alcohol.

Types of Rehabilitation Centers in NJ

There are various types of rehabilitation centers available in NJ, whether you are looking for an inpatient rehab facility to live in temporarily, or if you prefer an outpatient treatment program. Inpatient rehab drug treatment centers require all patients to live within the center or facility throughout the entirety of the duration of their designated programs.

Most inpatient rehab programs last 30, 60, or 90 days, although they can also last upwards of six months depending on the needs of the individual. Outpatient programs offer medical and moral support, but do not require individuals to stay on the premise throughout the entire program. If you are a first timer to a rehabilitation center or rehab facility, it is important to know what to expect if you have chosen an inpatient solution for yourself as outpatient programs do not require the same level of commitment.

What to Expect From an Inpatient Rehabilitation Center in New Jersey

  • Zero-Tolerance Environment: A zero-tolerance environment is required in all inpatient rehab centers and facilities in NJ. Whenever you are a patient in an inpatient rehab center, there are no drugs, alcohol, or substance of any kind permitted while living on the premise. A zero-tolerance environment minimizes the risk of danger and giving in to temptation.
  • Strict Medically Monitored Detox: Medically monitored detoxing is available for individuals struggling with severe or life-threatening addictions. Medically monitored detoxing ensures the health, safety, and wellbeing of individuals as they eliminate and rid toxins from their bodies.
  • Restricted Communication: When you first arrive in an inpatient rehab center or facility, you may find your ability to communicate with others and outside sources severely limited. Restricted communication is often common among newcomers to inpatient rehab facilities to minimize the risk of leaving or communicating with a negative influence on the outside of the facility.
  • Individual Counseling: Individualized counseling is extremely beneficial for those enrolled in an inpatient rehab facility or center. Work together with an individual counselor or therapist to discover the root cause or trigger of your addiction. Work through your past and uncover any barriers that are keeping you from living a fulfilling and free life without the use of drugs and alcohol.
  • Group Therapy and Counseling Sessions: Whenever you choose an inpatient rehabilitation center in NJ, it is important to expect group counseling and therapy sessions with other individuals.

Choosing the right rehabilitation center or program can feel stressful and overwhelming as a first-timer, especially if you are inexperienced in the field of addiction and sobriety. With a thorough understanding of inpatient, outpatient, and even intensive outpatient rehab programs, choose a rehabilitation center that is optimal for you, your needs, and the future you desire for yourself.

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