Is it Worth Taking Time Off School to Go to Rehabilitation Centres in NJ?

If you are a student dealing with alcohol and drug addiction, going to school or caring for yourself might be hard. So, knowing the steps you can take to solve the problem and continue with your life is essential. There is no better way to handle this issue than by taking some time off school to go to a rehabilitation center in New Jersey and proceeding with your education after you have fully recovered.

Colleges understand that students face many issues, and some time out of school is vital for their health. Some of the reasons that might require students to take time off school include medical conditions, studying abroad, drug and alcohol addiction, and the death of a relative. The time can last somewhere between several weeks to several years, depending on the severity of the problem,

When it comes to leaves associated with mental health, the procedures and policies vary from one school to the other depending on the circumstances. Students may take medical leaves of absence, leaves of absence, involuntary leaves of absence, and emergency leave depending on their needs.

Why Should You Take Some Time Off School to Go to a Rehabilitation Center?

College students have to deal with social, academic, and physical pressure when continuing with their school life. If you are struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction, the burden of excelling in school while managing the addiction can prove to be hard. Here are the reasons you should take some time off school.

Avoid the College Struggles

Most students continue working through the many college demands despite the many challenges they face, such as sickness, lack of sleep, and lack of finance and resources. However, the case with drug addiction is different. That, combined with college demands, result in the development of physical and mental health problems. Such disorders put both you and those around you at risk. It also becomes hard to meet the responsibilities expected of you as a college student.

Students in rigorous academic programs or those participating in collegiate sports might feel more pressure to remain in school, even when dealing with severe emotional and physical consequences associated with addiction. After adjusting to college life, it can be hard to leave the community, and this makes it painful to take a leave of absence. Forget about the pain and take some time off so that you can avoid the many struggles.

Get the Long Term Recovery You Need for School Success

When dealing with drug and alcohol addiction, one of the things you should do is analyze the entire picture to understand the route to take for long-term recovery. College students struggling with drug or alcohol addiction rarely go far in life before the circumstances in their life starts getting out of control. Some people will try to manage the symptoms, but it gets hard to continue with their normal activities or stick to the school schedule as their condition worsens.

You might feel as though everything in your life is well while under the influence of alcohol and drugs, but your mental, cognition, and physical abilities will be severely compromised. It can be hard to comprehend what you learn or stick to helpful friendships and relationships. Most people do not realize that addiction severity is more intense than they can handle.

College Can Wait

Taking the leave of absence for alcohol and drug addiction treatment will help support your wellness, health, and longevity in the short and long term. By persevering with the addiction behaviors, you will lose the essential things in your life, such as aspirations, college dreams, health, and hopes. To prevent that, treat the addiction problem soonest and look for the necessary help and support.

Work with the wellness center in your school to figure out the best approach to taking some time off school. Your academic counselors will help you plan for classes before taking the leave of absence. After the recovery program is over, you will return to school with high drive, clarity, and motivation. You will have all the freedom you have been looking for and thrive in your career path without the alcohol and drugs addiction burden.


College help is essential for your personal growth, relationship building, and learning. College life will bring a lot of stress and mental health struggles if you are dealing with any form of addiction. For quick recovery, take some time off school and go to the Rehabilitation Centre in NJ. Call us today at 833-610-1174 for help. Our team of counselors is always ready to help you deal with drug and alcohol addiction problems.

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