Is the Drug Rehab Success Rate Higher if You Get Your Mental Health Issues Diagnosed?

A successful drug rehab stay is one that helps you get sober. Going to rehab is a big commitment on your part that helps you achieve better mental and physical health. During your time in rehab, you can do your best to attend counseling and group therapy sessions. You can also choose to open up to the treatment staff about your issues. Finally being in an environment where you can feel free to talk about your problems feels amazing. In fact, you may even be ready to finally address the underlying reasons for your addiction. Most people do not start misusing drugs or alcohol just for fun. Instead, recreational use can quickly spiral into dependence when you use substances to make you feel better emotionally. Your mental health affects how you think, feel and even behave. When you are wondering if the drug rehab success rate is higher if you get your mental health issues diagnosed, then you may already suspect that there are real and valid underlying conditions that drive your actions.

You may be eager to get your mental health issues diagnosed. It is also possible that you feel nervous about going to drug rehab since this means that you may find out that you have something more than an addiction affecting your behavior. Feeling vulnerable is normal, but it should not stop you from seeking treatment. Drug rehabs strive to help heal the whole person. This means that your treatment plan may include strategies that help you achieve better mental health as your physical body also gets healthier and stronger. The multi-pronged approach is best for helping you to maintain sobriety.

What is Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

During your search for drug rehab, you may come across this term. Dual diagnosis treatment simply means that the program is designed to treat both your addiction and any underlying mental health issues. Some of the most common mental health conditions that are diagnosed in drug rehab programs include the following.
•bipolar disorder
•eating disorders

You can rest assured that all mental health diagnoses are made by qualified professionals. A diagnosis is only made after a careful assessment and any other necessary tests are administered. You will also receive counseling regarding your diagnosis along with a treatment plan that helps you immediately begin addressing your symptoms without street drugs or alcohol. A treatment plan may consist of using medications, therapy and recreational activities to help you feel better mentally and emotionally.

Dual diagnosis treatment is effective because you are finally working through the real issues that might have been masked by your addiction. In some situations, your addiction may even be making your symptoms worse. You may quickly find that you begin to feel less anxiety and instances of prolonged sadness when your body is not constantly going through the cycle of withdrawing from the substances that you use. Working on your mental health issues also impacts your success in recovery by helping you to learn strategies that make it possible to work through your triggers and cravings. For instance, you might be able to use self-talk to recognize that you are simply going through an anxiety attack that will pass within a short period of time without the need to use drugs or drink alcohol. Learning techniques for dealing with your mental health issues is empowering, and you’ll begin to discover that you have the strength within you to get through your symptoms naturally.

You should also know that your mental health diagnosis is confidential. Although there is no shame in having depression or another health issue, you may feel the desire to keep things quiet for now. Your rehab lets you choose who you want to tell in your own time, and your counselors can even help you learn how to self-advocate during times when your mental health is affecting your normal daily life. Understanding what it is that makes you behave in certain ways allows you to make the changes that you need for a drug-free lifestyle.

In rehab, we don’t make excuses for our behavior. We focus on change. Identifying any mental health issues that cause you to act in negative ways paves the way for you to begin finding new strategies that work better for sobriety. Are you ready to start healing both physically and emotionally? Contact our support team today at 833-610-1174. We’ll find you a rehab that provides dual diagnosis treatment.

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