How Are Drug Rehab Centers in New Jersey Changing the Conversation Around Addiction?

If you are a person living in New Jersey who is facing a struggle with addiction, then you’re certainly not alone. Some research shows that at least 21 million people in the United States face at least one addiction – and only a fraction of them receive treatment. But if a person struggling with addiction is willing, there is hope for recovery. The key is taking the step to get help.

One way that people who are facing addiction can make the decision to get help is with the support of loved ones and friends who can help change the conversation around addiction. A supportive, compassionate drug rehab center in New Jersey is another key partner. Read on to learn more about the ways you can gain courage and confidence in your recovery journey by breaking down the stigma of addiction and seeking help:

Are You Ready to Try?

We want to help. But we don’t expect you to believe that things can change right away. That’s why our New Jersey rehab center is committed to changing the conversation around addiction. There is a stigma around addiction that just isn’t true. It says that addiction happens only to certain people. But addiction doesn’t discriminate against anyone, and you’ll find that at our rehab center.

You’ll be surrounded by people of very diverse experiences all who are drawn together by the common experience of addiction. We find that talking about this commonality and building upon it helps the recovery process. It breaks down barriers among patients, creates friends for the journey and builds a strong internal community that transfers to a strong external community after you leave.

At our center we are breaking down the stigma by:

  • Talking openly about how common addiction issues in America are
  • Creating supportive networks built by common experiences and struggles
  • Offering compassion and support throughout your time

One thing that never works in addiction recovery is to shame the patient — and you won\’t find that at our rehab center. We know that changing the conversation about addiction means that we have to treat every patient with compassion, respect and the belief that everyone can get better and improve. Recovering from addiction is a daily life choice, but those who are most successful are those who have loving family members, friends and counselors walking alongside of them every step of the way. That\’s our philosophy, too. We don\’t leave you if you don\’t leave us. We will treat you as the human you are — with kindness and genuine gratitude. In turn, we ask that you give it your all during your time with us. Our team is ready to teach you the skills you need to live a life free of addiction, but the journey will take your strength, courage and willingness.

It is our hope that at the end of your stay with us not only do you feel that we have changed the conversation about addiction in our interactions with you but that we also have prepared you to go out into the world an ambassador and advocate for those struggling with addiction, too. We hope that you will see yourself on the journey to help others, that you also have something to give. That\’s the beauty of this journey — that so much hope, goodwill and strength in the community can arise if we all work together to change the conversation. Every person struggling with addiction deserves the opportunity to set a different course for his or her life. We hope that will be you.

Are you tired of the cycle you\’re caught in? Do you want a change but you don\’t know how to make it happen? If you’re ready to put your past life behind you and to focus on your future, now is the time to make the decision to try a drug rehab center you can trust here in New Jersey. Our team of licensed, professional counselors want to help you navigate this time. You’re not alone in this journey. The first step is simply showing up. So give us a call today at 833-610-1174. We will answer your questions, walk you through the process and tell you about what you can expect during your time in rehab. Life as you know it now doesn’t have to be the life that you have tomorrow. Call us today to get started.

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