How do I avoid getting bored in a long term rehab facility?

When you\’re working towards sobriety in a long-term rehab facility, it can be challenging to be away from your loved ones in a new setting. Although there are days when you\’re busy with group therapy sessions and counseling, you\’ll still have a lot of downtime to yourself. Learning how to stay busy is crucial to remaining sober even after you exit rehab. Although you may find yourself bored at times, there are still plenty of activities to enjoy. There are also a variety of resources you may have access to at the facility. If you find it difficult to stay busy and entertained in rehab, there are a few ways to occupy yourself and get the most out of your time there.

Get Into the Habit of Journaling

Writing down your feelings and emotions while spending time at a rehab facility is an excellent way of processing your thoughts. You may often feel conflicted about your time in rehab, especially when you have the get to the underlying cause of addiction to substances. Journaling is a great way to record your time at rehab to ensure you have a way to reflect on the future and track your growth. It can also help you to alleviate any feelings of uncertainty and anxiety that are common as you begin your sobriety journey.

Read Motivational Books

Reading is a great pastime to enjoy when you have several hours of free time. Consider reading motivational books that help you to feel empowered and look forward to the future. Motivational books can help you to develop more value and respect for yourself, as well as realize what you\’re capable of when you return to the real world. They can also help you overcome toxic mindsets and habits that may have developed due to your addiction.

Write Down New Goals

Although you may be looking forward to returning to your life after completing your time in rehab, it\’s important to have a plan in place to reduce the risk of relapsing. Think about goals you want to create for yourself, which can provide you with motivation to remain sober. You may want to further your education and go back to school. Maybe it\’s time to change careers and fulfill your passions. Some of your goals may even be related to your family, whether you want to rebuild your relationship with your spouse or your children. Write down practical ways you can meet your goals to ensure you have a plan of action that is realistic and won\’t make you feel overwhelmed. Once you return home, you can place the goals on your bathroom mirror or desk to ensure they\’re visible.

Write Letters to Loved Ones

Now is a great time to show your love and care to your loved ones, especially if your relationships with your family members and friends have been strained due to addiction. This can allow you to open up and become more vulnerable, which can bring forgiveness and healing. It can also allow you to explain why you\’ve made certain mistakes in the past and how you plan to change moving forward.


Many people choose to exercise while spending time in a rehab facility because it allows them to improve their physical fitness and release more endorphins. When you exercise throughout the week, it can improve your mood and reduce any anxiety you may be experiencing. It can also allow you to provide a higher level of care for your body after you detox from drugs or alcohol. Once you begin to get in better shape, you\’ll want to continue exercising when you return home.

Get Creative

There are many opportunities to express your creativity in rehab when you have spare time. Consider drawing or painting, which can be therapeutic and can allow you to slow down. You may also try sculpting and improve your skills with making different types of objects and artwork. As you find new ways to be creative, it can allow you to develop new hobbies that allow you to feel joyful and fulfilled. If you want to learn more about enrolling in a long-term rehab facility, reach out today for more information at 833-610-1174.

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