Why Medical Detox Is the Only Safe Way To Get Clean?

Medical detox allows you to recover from the use of drugs or alcohol in a controlled setting. It’s a safe alternative to help you kick the habit that minimizes the effects of withdrawal. Getting rid of all the remnants of drugs in your system is the best way to tackle addiction, as these drugs are pretty harmful to your body. If you chose inpatient treatment, your stay depends on several factors.

The center experts will consider how severe the addiction and how long it’s been going on. The average person will spend 2-3 weeks in rehabilitation, but it might take longer for some people. Once you’ve gone through the treatment stage, you will need ongoing assistance to maintain your sobriety. This can be done by going to meetings or counseling after completing the inpatient part.


Medical detox is different because it helps you with the withdrawal part of the process, which is the most feared. Getting the drugs out of your system can cause severe issues if you don’t have any intervention. It will take around 10-14 days with medical treatment to get rid of the effects of these drugs. It would help if you drank plenty of water to flush the drugs from your system, and you need some vitamins to help build your body back up. Detox alone can last up to a week, and there’s no smoking allowed during this time. It’s possible to kick several bad habits at once.

Why Medical Detox is the Safer Option?

Many people are suspicious of detoxing because they don’t want to experience the pain from the withdrawals. It’s nothing to play around with as you can have a heart attack or seizure as your body loses the substance it’s become accustomed to. To avoid these unpleasant feelings, medical intervention is necessary. Your goal is to feel normal and avoid these side effects, so a safe and natural process is what a medical detox provides. Your body won’t be damaged, and there won’t be any chemicals involved in the process.

The best part about this process is that the medications used are not expensive, and it doesn’t typically require you to stay in the hospital or a treatment center. If your situations warrant you can do inpatient treatment, there are also outpatient options. The key is to have someone who can watch over you to ensure there are no issues as you work through this process. It’s better to heal at home with your loved ones, as it’s the best alternative for those who don’t want to be in a facility.

The Healing Process

Reconstructing your life is way more challenging than detoxing, as you need to repair relationships and mend fences with people who’ve been hurt in your addiction. Working the 12 Step Program is essential for your success, and eventually, your life after treatment can be good, if not better than before the downfall. Getting back on track is an uphill battle, so you need a robust support system. You need people around you who love and care for your wellbeing, and they can cheer you on all the way.

Addiction is not something you ever get over, but it’s a journey you must constantly walk each day. The good news is that it does get easier. It’s also essential that you get counseling. There are issues present that caused you to start drug-seeking, and these issues are still under the surface. If you don’t deal with these matters, it can be the key to a relapse. In this battle, you’re not alone, as plenty of other folks walk the same path, and you can find comfort in their friendship. Connecting with people who are further ahead on their journey can be encouraging. Working with a sponsor and meetings will show you the vast support network that’s ready to embrace you.

Making the Decision to Get Help

If you’ve put off help because you’re afraid of the detox and the horrible sensations as the drugs leave your body, you should know that you have options. You can detox medically with the help of a trusted team of experts who can make you feel like you again, as well as help you maintain sobriety. You don’t have to worry about your health being at risk, as medical withdrawal programs are safe, affordable, and effective. Are you ready to start your journey towards becoming a better, drug or alcohol-free person? Call us today at 833-610-1174.

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