What to Expect at Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers

Doing anything for the first time is bound to generate some questions. Many people enter a drug and alcohol treatment center for the first time every day. If this is your first experience with addiction treatment, then you might be dealing with some of the most basic questions. You might wonder what you will eat and whether or not you’ll have to share a room. Your questions could also go pretty deep. People often wonder if they’ll find out new things about themselves in treatment, and you might be wondering if you’ll be able to salvage your relationships. If you’re the planning type, you may even be thinking far enough ahead that you wonder if you’ll get help finding a new place to live or securing a job at the end of your treatment. Learning what to expect at drug and alcohol centers puts your worries at ease, and you can use this information to start getting more excited about the new life that is waiting for you at your treatment program.

At the most basic level, quality addiction treatment centers have a lot of things in common. Residential treatment programs provide you with a bed along with amenities for showering and tending to your essential needs. Many of these types of programs serve meals cafeteria-style so that you can enjoy the opportunity to socialize as you eat your nutritious meals. When you’re not eating and showering, you’ll spend most of your time in counseling sessions that are designed to help you identify and learn how to manage common mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety. You might also attend family counseling sessions to help you mend damaged relationships. While you’re going to be doing a lot of introspection in rehab, you’re also going to get some free time to do sober activities that help you round out your new lifestyle. This might involve using a gym facility, swimming or participating in arts and craft activities.

There are also a few things to expect that people don’t always think to ask about. For example, drug and alcohol centers are usually highly confidential spaces where you will be expected to respect other people’s privacy as they do yours. This might involve staying on a first name basis and refusing to gossip about what someone else says during a group therapy session. Respecting the confidentiality agreement also gives you the freedom to share your problems without worrying about it ever leaving the treatment center’s walls. Feeling safe and secure is perhaps one of the biggest things that people don’t expect to experience in a treatment center but notice right away.

Start Picturing What Life Will Be Like In Addiction Treatment

Taking a look at what a typical day will be like in your addiction treatment center helps you to overcome any apprehension that could be holding you back from enrolling in a program. You have several options available to get a birds-eye view of what to expect, and you can use one or all of the following types of support to start planning your stay.

•Speak with a member of the admissions team
•Explore what the facility’s website says about the treatments
•Read testimonials or talk to someone who has been through the program
•Look for a virtual tour of the facility online or view pictures
•Research the types of therapy that a program offers

Having realistic expectations puts you in a good place for staying focused on your treatment. While treatment centers are designed to help you stay comfortable as you overcome your addiction, they can also feel different from home. Most people find that their experience is a lot like what you might feel like at a hotel. There’s no place like home, but your treatment center can come pretty close. You’ll also be able to pack a few comfort items such as your favorite pajamas and lounge wear to help you feel more like yourself while you are getting treatment. As a final note, remember that the staff at your treatment center only wants to help. If you run into a concern, letting them know right away is the best thing you can do to restore your comfort.

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