Is Anyone Eligible For Inpatient Rehab In NJ Without Health Insurance?

According to statistics, a significant percentage of Americans live without basic medical coverage. Many addicts suffering from alcohol or drug abuse hold themselves back from seeking professional addiction treatment due to the lack of insurance coverage or means of payment for the services. Affording professional addiction treatment remains a major barrier among many addicts. For this reason, a staggering majority of victims continue to sink deeper into the chains of substance addiction and end up demanding higher levels of care, such as inpatient programs.

What do you do if the only thing standing between you and getting admitted into an inpatient addiction treatment program is the financial burden? Can your prospective rehab facility admit you into an inpatient program without insurance? Let’s find out.

Is insurance coverage the only way into an inpatient program?

Without a doubt, insurance coverage is one of the easiest and stress-free ways you can pay for substance addiction treatment services. Inpatient rehab is known to be one of the most effective treatment methods, although it comes with a high cost that many can’t afford to pay out of the pocket. Paying out of the pocket for inpatient drug or alcohol addiction treatment can leave you financially compromised and strangled. While it’s okay to pay for inpatient services through cash or credit card, many rehab facilities insist on insurance covers.

However, even after listing cash and credit cards as modes of payment, many people will still not afford to keep up with the inpatient expenses at the rehab facility. Fortunately, there are better and more affordable ways to pay for the cost of inpatient rehab when you have no insurance coverage.

Consider free rehab programs

Substance addiction crisis is a global disease that has forced governments to join in the effort against drug abuse and help curb its effects. Today, most states offer funding for addiction treatment services that target individuals who are in the low-income group or have no insurance. Most of these free rehab programs in NJ demand that patients must meet certain criteria such as a demonstrated low or lack of income, old age, or apparent addiction status.

If you are considering this option, search for one of these state-funded rehab facilities in your area of residence and approach them. The management at the facility will request proof that you need addiction treatment and your inability to pay for addiction treatment. Due to the high demand in these public facilities, you might need to wait a little longer as they offer services through waiting lists and first-come, first-serve basis.

Faith-based and charitable rehab centers

As part of the course that gives back to society, certain churches, faith-based groups, and non-profit making organizations provide free or subsidized substance addiction recovery programs. Consider asking around your area of residence for leads on these kinds of rehab facilities that operate of a charitable course. Some non-profit making organizations offer scholarships and grants to the less fortunate looking for means to pay for substance addiction treatments. These offers usually are set aside for individuals who either can’t afford insurance coverage or have no other ways to pay for treatment.


A while ago, many lending and financial institutions didn’t include medical and mental health loans in their list of services. Luckily, if you’ve built a good reputation with your bank or lender or perhaps you are employed, you could try approaching lenders for soft loans to cover for your treatment expenses. These arrangements cover for your inpatient rehab program expenses, now, when you need it, and allow you to pay later when you are back on your feet.

Consider alternatives other than inpatient rehab

When all becomes hard, and all the above-discussed options fail to yield fruits, you could consider seeking affordable help other than inpatient rehab. Programs such as intensive outpatient care, outpatient programs, and partial hospitalization are some of the more affordable yet effective levels of care that may offer you a way out of substance addiction without breaking the bank. Moreover, these alternative programs allow you to attend to your daily routines such as school or work so that you don’t lose out of any income that might come your way. Get to hit two birds with the same stone using less pricey and more flexible options to inpatient programs.

Before you lose hope on getting the treatment you need, consider the above-discussed options. It’s never too late to get your life back on track. Call us now at 833-610-1174 to book an appointment and let us help you get there.

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