Does a Drug Rehab Search Your Bags?

Is fear of going into inpatient rehab keeping you from getting the help you need? You may have heard some horror stories about rehab centers that seem more like a prison, with strict curfews, no communication with the outside world and having your bags searched. Many of these fears are exaggerated. You won\’t have every movement controlled when you\’re in rehab. It\’s a far cry from prison. On the other hand, some of these rules do exist for good reasons.

Every rehab center searches your bags when you check in. That\’s to protect you, to assess the level of your commitment to recovery and to protect your fellow residents. You\’re supposed to be in rehab to get away from drugs and alcohol and to learn new coping skills. Bringing your favorite substance along clearly defeats that purpose. You won\’t be kicked out if you\’re found with a prohibited substance. It will be disposed of and you\’ll be given a warning. Addiction counselors know that recovery is a long process with some stumbles along the way.

Will You Be Searched When Checking Into Rehab Centers in New Jersey?

You\’ll be searched the moment you enter any rehab center. Your luggage, backpack, and purse will all be searched. At most rehab centers, a counselor will go to your room with you and unpack your bags while you\’re there. They\’re checking to make sure you didn\’t bring drugs, alcohol or other prohibited items. In most cases, your rehab center sends you a list of items that are prohibited before you arrive. These can vary somewhat, but most rehabs prohibit the following things.

  • Any drugs or alcohol, including toiletry items that contain alcohol.
  • Weapons of any kind.
  • Medications, vitamins or supplements, unless they are in sealed, unopened bottles.
  • Clothing that advertises any kind of liquor or drugs.
  • Pornographic materials.
  • Excessively revealing or offensive clothes.

You\’ll also be searched anytime you leave the facility and come back. Some rehab centers also search you after you\’ve had a visitor. Keep in mind that all these rules are in place to keep you safe and help you recover. Most drug rehabs are staffed by people who are caring and nonjudgmental. If you\’re ready to find a New Jersey drug rehab where you\’ll get caring, compassionate help that you need, call our counselors anytime at (833) 762-3765.

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