What Training Do the Employees at a New Jersey Drug Rehab Center Have?

Addiction treatment at New Jersey drug rehabs are monitored by the Department of Human Services. There are specific credentials and guidelines in place for employees at drug rehabs that ensure only qualified professionals are working with patients. In order to know what type of training employees have, it\’s important to understand the diverse staff you\’ll find at a rehab. Each member of the team plays a vital role in recovery, and every title has its own unique education and experience requirements.

Drug Rehab Staff Members

A clinical team of professionals works together to help patients go through the various stages of recovery such as detox and withdrawal management, behavioral therapy, social support, group counseling, and relapse prevention. Some of the most common employees you\’ll find working at rehab are:

  • Licensed addiction counselors and therapists who offer individual therapy
  • Psychiatrists who are able to prescribe medication for mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression
  • Nurses who assist with medically supervised detox and medication dispensement
  • Social workers and caseworkers

Nutritionists or licensed dieticians who help patients make better choices that can help their recovery Each person undergoes training related to their field; a licensed addiction counselor or therapist has earned a bachelor\’s and master\’s degree in counseling and spend hundreds of hours working under the supervision of a professional treating patients with substance abuse problems. Many therapists and addictions counselors earned their degrees in addiction therapy, so they are highly skilled at tackling substance abuse from various therapeutic angles.

Nurses must complete a training program and pass a state licensing examination in order to work. They will also receive additional training from doctors and medical staff at the rehab to better assist patients with substance use disorder. Nutritionists and dieticians have completed a bachelor\’s and sometimes master\’s degree as well as passed a licensing exam. Every person who works at a NJ drug rehab has committed years to education and experience to provide patients with the best quality care.

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