How Can I Get My Child Into Drug Rehabs in New Jersey?

If you\’re struggling to help your child treat their addiction, finding the right treatment center in New Jersey can help. In many cases, parents find themselves feeling helpless as they watch their child slip further and further into substance abuse. Whether you\’ve watched them abuse drugs and alcohol for years or just recently noticed a problem, getting your child to recognize they need help is the most important thing right now.

How do I make my child go to rehab?

Unfortunately, you can\’t force any legal adult to go to rehab against their will. Treatment isn\’t effective if someone doesn\’t want to be cured. There are many complicated factors that contribute to substance abuse including mental illness and emotional trauma. People who struggle with addiction also carry a web of other painful feelings related to their substance abuse such as guilt, shame and fear. It\’s important to understand that in order to help your child, you must communicate with them. Conflict is often triggering for people who are substance abusers, and no amount of yelling or fighting is going to make them change. If anything, the painful feelings of isolation and regret they feel from arguing could only push them further into addiction as as an escape.

Consider an Intervention

Your best bet in helping your child realize they need to check themselves into a drug rehab is to find a facility that can help you stage a professional drug intervention. An intervention specialist is experienced in substance abuse and counseling, so they\’re able to present the problem to an addict in a calm, collected manner. A rehab can help you make the big decisions about staging an intervention for your child such as:

  • When is a drug intervention necessary?
  • When and where should the intervention take place?
  • Who should be included in the intervention?
  • What do I do if the intervention doesn\’t work?

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