Can I Get Substance Abuse Treatment in NJ, So I Don\’t Lose My Pregnancy?

As an expectant mother, it\’s normal to worry and want the best for your baby. You want a healthy baby without complications. However, it’s important to remember that what you feed on directly impacts your growing baby. Some of the things you consume could be quite harmful to the development of your baby, necessarily alcohol and illicit drugs. Unfortunately, quitting drugs or alcohol when you have already developed some dependency on them isn’t as easy as it sounds.

We understand your concerns and commend you for looking out for the best interests of your baby. Is it too late for you and your baby? Can you get substance abuse treatment in NJ when pregnant to avoid further complications? How does your drug or alcohol addiction habit during pregnancy affect your baby? There’s a good reason why they say you are two in one when pregnant. The umbilical cord and placenta link you and your baby. Your developing baby gets a share of almost everything that goes through your body. You’ve probably witnessed and experienced the adverse effects that drug or alcohol addiction can have on you. It’s not any different for your baby. Typically, a fetus is delicate and struggles to eliminate drugs transferred from your system.

Over time, the fetus is bound to build drugs and chemicals in its little delicate system, which eventually causes damage. Some of the common problems that result in taking drugs during pregnancy include:

  • Underweight.
  • Miscarriage.
  • Stillbirth.
  • Congenital disabilities.
  • Premature birth.
  • High infant mortality.
  • Placenta abruption.
  • Fetal alcohol or drug spectrum disorders.

Where can you get help?

The sooner you recover from substance addiction, the higher your chances of preventing problems with your baby. Immediate addiction treatment gives you the chance to recover from addiction, carry your baby to term, and give birth to a happy, healthy baby. Your chosen rehab facility will customize your addiction treatment plan to suit your condition and needs. Your treatment plan, when pregnant mostly depends on the following factors:

  • Your level of addiction.
  • Type of substance abused.
  • Time of pregnancy in which the substance was used.
  • The frequency of drug use.

What is the addiction treatment process like?

While taking your pregnancy into account, you and your baby’s condition will be examined to ensure you are both safe, healthy, and ready to begin the journey. Many women diagnosed with severe addiction levels usually are enrolled for specialized treatment. Your medical doctor may recommend detox as the first step in substance addiction treatment, where you will be closely monitored for withdrawal symptoms and seizures. Therapists like to combine individual therapy and group counseling to educate pregnant women more of the effects of using drugs and alcohol during pregnancy.

The sessions may follow with lessons on how to cope with life after rehab and how to avoid relapse now that you will have a little one to take care of. Meetings are mostly tailored to meet the needs of pregnant and breastfeeding women. What if you don’t get treatment for substance addiction when pregnant? We all know what’s right for you and your baby. You are better equipped to handle yourself and your baby when free from the chains of addiction. In modern society, people have a come long way to shake down stigma and allow expectant women to seek treatment without getting judged. In the event where you fail to get addiction treatment when fully aware of your condition, you may get charged.

Legislators argue that the law passed to convict pregnant women abusing drugs has been beneficial in encouraging more women to seek treatment. With or without the law, we know that you wouldn’t want to subject your innocent baby to the dangers discussed earlier. It’s also natural to feel the need to protect your offspring, and addiction treatment gives you that chance to make things right.

Talk to the professionals

Help is available whenever you need it. You just need to build the courage and approach a rehab clinic, explain your conditions, and begin your journey to a healthy and happy life. Your baby could be your ultimate life savior. Have you been looking for a substance addiction treatment center that won’t judge you? Perhaps somewhere with people who understand your situation and are ready to give you a shoulder to lean on? Look no further. We are your friend in need, ready to help you and your baby make it through the other side of the tunnel. Call us now to book an appointment at 833-610-1174 and step up for your little one.

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