How Have Substance Abuse Rates Increased or Decreased With Low-Cost Rehab Centers?

Are you or your loved one struggling with addiction and substance abuse? You probably have thought of getting clean and sober, but with the high costs of rehab, it seems almost impossible. Admitting that you need help is usually the first step towards recovery.

Studies show that more than 20 million people living in the United States struggle with substance abuse. Out of these, only a third seek help for their addiction and access the appropriate treatment through a specialized facility.

No active addict wants to go through the detox process alone. This is why most people turn to rehab facilities for help. With the assistance of certified therapists and doctors, you are assured of a clean start. While you might be feeling ready for rehab, paying for the facilities is a big obstacle for many.

What to Do?

There are two options when it comes to enrolling in a rehab facility. You can choose to go for the inpatient option or the outpatient services. For most people, the inpatient services are the best option, although they can be too costly.

Inpatient services are an all-inclusive ticket to your sobriety. The costs tend to be high because they include the therapy services for your sobriety, and you also pay to live in the facility. Some inpatient centers even include other miscellaneous activities such as massage, which end up driving the bill even higher.

On the other hand, outpatient services may not give you the 5-star, one-on-one treatment, but they cost significantly less. If your finances are an issue and require consideration, the outpatient option might be the right choice.

Low-cost Rehabs

Most low-income earners opt for the less-traveled road of low-cost rehabs. In case you’re confused about the efficiency of these low-cost rehabs as compared to the expensive ones, it is vital to understand what you aim to get out of a rehab facility.

Most times, addicts who wish to attain sobriety need to uproot themselves from their environments. Such environments could be stressful or luring and can be potential triggers. Being around people who continually abuse drugs could also be a factor that hinders most people from stopping the habit.

Therefore, removing oneself from that particular environment could be what\’s best. If your full dedication is on achieving sobriety, then low-cost rehabs shouldn\’t be a problem for you. These facilities have proven useful in helping substance abusers go clean without having to fork out a lot of money, thus causing a noticeable decrease in substance abuse rates.

These facilities are also run by equally qualified staff and have reputable nurses, doctors, and certified therapists. Most low-cost rehabs are funded federally, meaning that they are likely to have everything you need to beat your addiction.

How to Secure Funding for Low-Cost Rehab

There are various ways to secure funding to help you get the best treatment at a rehab facility, including;

• Get in touch with support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous
• Utilize community resources
• Ask for help from your local church
• Research on foundations and NGOs that can help you acquire grants

If you are looking to enroll a loved one into a treatment program, it is crucial to have all the relevant related information at hand. Such information includes the duration of the abuse, amounts of the drugs or alcohol being abused, any medical issues, any previous attempts to seek treatment, and any mental problems, to mention a few.

Ensure that you gather as much information as possible about the victim in question before seeking help on their behalf. This information will be useful in getting them a suitable treatment plan according to their needs.

It’s also important to understand that a person’s willingness to recover from addiction is mostly the fuel towards their sobriety. Whether the rehab facility is state-funded or private based, the extent at which one is willing to go to ensure that they recover is what counts.

Low-cost treatment facilities don’t offer natural holistic treatments such as acupuncture and gourmet meals. However, they are almost as equipped as the private rehab facilities, and one is assured of getting sober affordably.

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