Will Alcohol Rehab Centers In New Jersey, Treat Pregnant Women In Withdrawal?

Pregnancy periods are often wondrous periods for most women. It’s a time when a majority of women will choose to focus on their own health to support their unborn babies. Regardless of the state, you might become more conscious of what you feed your body and how it affects your growing baby in the womb. Remember, your baby takes a great share of whatever you put in your body, which brings us to expectant women abusing alcohol and drugs.

You put you and your unborn child at risk when taking alcohol or drugs during pregnancy. If you’ve been struggling with substance and alcohol addiction and you just found out you are pregnant, it’s common to have many questions. Can you still find help, and is it really safe to take the sobriety road during this period? What does the process look like? Is it too late? Where do you start? Don’t worry; we will take you through this piece in depth and guide you through this wondrous journey.

Is it possible to get addiction treatment when expectant? To clear your worries, it’s possible to get help in New Jersey when trying to withdraw from alcohol. More rehab centers have discovered an untouched loophole where pregnant women continue to struggle with substance addiction and suffer in silence for fear of being judged. There are specific treatment programs that focus on helping out expectant women with addiction problems. To answer your question, it’s possible to attain professional help when expectant and struggling with alcohol withdrawal. Also, there is no better time than this.

What are the risks of failing to get help?

Even without the pregnancy condition, you are probably aware of the detrimental effects of abusing alcohol. When pregnant, you risk causing the following issues to your unborn child:

  • Miscarriage and placental abruption.
  • Premature or stillbirth.
  • Underweight child.
  • Sudden infant death syndrome.
  • Developmental infant defects.
  • Postnatal withdrawal syndrome.

Many pregnancies sustained through alcohol abuse have witnessed additional problems such as infant heart defects, fetal alcohol spectrum disorders, infections, and even death.

Detox for pregnant women

You can avoid these above-discussed problems by seeking professional addiction treatment as early as possible. It’s imperative that you undergo detoxification under a medical doctor’s care, guidance, and monitoring. Detox and withdrawal experiences differ from one woman to another, depending on the following:

  • The substance of abuse.
  • Level of abuse.
  • Medical and psychiatric history.
  • Number of times one took alcohol during the pregnancy.
  • The periods during pregnancy in which one abused alcohol.

The risk of miscarriages rises significantly among pregnant women who decide to undergo detox without medical assistance. Most experts recommend inpatient setting with 24/7 medical monitoring and care.

What should you look out for?

Today, many special treatment programs take into account pregnancy cases that need special attention. If you are pregnant, you have some dependency on alcohol, and you want to change and save your baby, consider a rehab facility that focuses on treating expectant women. It’s imperative that you confirm if your prospective rehab facility offers this particular program for pregnant women.

What services should be in the package?

Many of these treatment programs for women incorporate counseling and educational programs on parenting, pregnancy, and staying sober. The facility must include child care services in case you give birth during treatment. The rehab facility should also have staff members experienced both in pregnancy-related issues and addiction treatment. Find an environment that allows you to focus on recovery from alcohol addiction and keep your healthy baby without being judged.

Treatment could mean the difference between mourning your unborn child and giving birth to a healthy baby. Studies show that substance abuse treatment for expectant women leads to decreased fetal mortality and increased fetal growth. After-care programs ensure that you remain strong and focused after treatment.

Additional benefits of seeking professional addiction treatment when pregnant Three highly favored approaches that have shown positive results among pregnant women abusing alcohol are:

  • Contingency management- focuses on rewarding strongly geared women to reinforce positive habits such as abstaining alcohol use.
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy- assists women in gaining better insight into the circumstances that trigger their alcohol abuse behavior. You will be equipped better on how to break old, misleading patterns of behaving, feeling, and thinking.
  • Motivational interviewing- if you have any doubts about seeking treatment, this approach helps you think things through and help you make a more informed decision.

Starting a new and fresh journey for you and your baby could be the best thing that happens to you. Contact us today at 833-610-1174 to get more information about beating alcohol addiction when pregnant. Help is here, call us now.

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