Are There Alcohol Rehab Centers In New Jersey That Let You Go Home At Night?

Most alcoholics are working people who provide for their families. If you are suffering from alcoholism and are looking into treatment centers, your primary concerns are most likely how you will continue going to work and seeing your family. Rest assured that the days where the only option for treating alcoholism was inpatient treatment are over. There are many outpatient rehab centers that are available to you. These rehab centers let you go to work and home to your family.

The types of outpatient options that are available are:

Partial-Hospitalization (PHP)

PHP is the most intense form of outpatient treatment that is available. It is best for those who have progressed far into their addiction and are at the genesis of the recovery process. PHP has the most rigid schedule, which consists of six-hour sessions that meet five to seven days a week.

Intensive-Outpatient (IOP)

IOP is the second most intense form of outpatient treatment. It is often used as a requisite following more intense forms of treatment (e.g. inpatient treatment or PHP). IOP has a more flexible schedule, which consists of three-hour session that meet three to five days a week. Most rehab centers host day and evening sessions to accommodate all schedules.

Outpatient (OP)

Outpatient treatment is the least intense form of treat, and it is almost always used a s a requisite following more intense forms of treatment. It is similar to meeting with a therapist once or twice a week. Group therapy and education sessions may be a part of some OP programs.

An Alcohol Rehab in NJ That Lets You Go to Work and Home to Your Family

Seacrest Recovery Center is an outpatient rehab in Eatontown, NJ. Our Phase Back to Life Program consists of all three types of outpatient treatment. The first phase is the most intense, and the last phase is the least intense. You have the option of living at the treatment center during the first two phases of treatment, but you are not confined to the treatment center. You can still go to work, run errands, and see your family. However, living at the treatment center is not a requirement. Drug testing, meetings, living a healthy lifestyle, and maintaining a job are parts of all phases of treatment. Most major health insurance plans are accepted.

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