Is Inpatient Treatment Necessary for A Proper Recovery?

Inpatient treatment is a necessity for some people suffering from addiction. Whether inpatient treatment is necessary, depends on several factors. One factor is the level of substance abuse. A person suffering from addiction may want to look into an residential facility if the level of substance abuse is severe. Severe substance abuse tends to affect a person’s daily life negatively and can be dangerous. A person with severe substance abuse might also try to stop on their own and suffer from major withdrawal symptoms. Stopping drug use cold turkey is not recommended!

A person suffering from addiction may want to look into this option of recovery if they are using up their sick days for work because of substance abuse or if their responsibilities are completely affected by their drug usage. Another factor to consider is that inpatient programs have a regimented daily schedule. Usually it includes individual counseling, group therapy and 12 step meetings. It is great for people who need a strong foundation to start their recovery. You also gain invaluable tools on how to manage cravings and how to stay sober.

Inpatient treatment may not be necessary if:

• You are a full time worker and cannot take a leave from work.
• You have a mild/moderate substance abuse issue.
• You have family obligations that would prevent you from residing at an inpatient addiction center.
• You have a strong support system that encourages your recovery.

Residential treatment may be necessary if:

• Your friends or family are concerned about your substance abuse.
• Your substance abuse is severe.
• Your life is becoming unmanageable and tainted by substance abuse
• Your therapist has recommended that you go into treatment due to your drug usage.
• Your living situation threatens your sobriety/increases your chances of a relapse.
• You are having severe withdrawal symptoms that require a doctor’s assistance or guidance.

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