Why Are There So Many Different Types Of Drug Treatment Centers?

There are many paths to recovery. Addiction treatment is not one-size-fits- all. The reason that there are so many different types of drug treatment centers is diverse lifestyles and people call for an availability of diverse treatment options. Treatment that is tailored to a specific population is necessary to effectively treat all populations.

The different types of drug treatment centers include:


General inpatient treatment centers are the most traditional type of treatment center. Clients live at the facility during their entire stay and are not permitted to leave the premises unless authorized to do so. Inpatient treatment centers are the most effective because the clients are isolated from the outside world and can exclusively focus on their recovery.


Outpatient treatment centers come in three different types, which are partial-hospitalization (PHP), intensive-outpatient (IOP), and outpatient (OP). PHP consists of six-hour sessions that meet five days a week. IOP consist of three-hour sessions that meet three to five days a week. OP consists of one to two-hour sessions that meet one to two times a week. The right type of outpatient treatment depends on your individual lifestyle and stage of addiction.


The rate of addiction is significantly high in the LGBT population. LGBT treatment centers focus on issues that commonly exacerbate addiction in the LGBT population. The living arrangements are friendly to LGBT needs. The major benefit is the clients can interact with those who can empathize with them.


Men and women have different issues that may contribute to their addiction. Gender-specific programs allow clients to focus on issues that solely affect their gender. The clients can interact with those who can empathize with them, and there is no tension about relationships with the opposite gender.


Spirituality plays a significant role in recovery for many people, and religion is a part of many people’s spirituality. Faith-based rehabs allow people to recover on the basis of their religious faith. Everyone at a faith-based rehab has a common Higher Power, which allows for more effective collaboration.

Choosing the Right Types of Drug Treatment Center for You

Choosing a drug treatment center is one of the most important decisions that you will ever have to make. It is literally a life-and-death decision. If you carefully evaluate your needs and wants and vigorously investigate many different types of treatment centers, you will find the right one. You can always transfer is the one that you choose in not right for you.

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