Will Rehab Centers in NJ Take My Insurance (not Medicaid or medicare)?

Drug rehab centers are just like any other medical facility in their need to charge patients for their treatments. People who have insurance can have much of their costs defrayed through their coverage.

This defraying is only possible, however, if the recovery center accepts and is in-network with a patient’s insurer. You can learn how to find out if a rehab center takes your insurance before you check yourself in by using these strategies.

Contact Your Insurer for a Referral

Perhaps the easiest way to find out what rehab centers take your insurance is to call your insurer or go online for a referral. Many insurance companies provide referrals to recovery centers and other medical facilities at no cost. They keep current lists of in-network providers and can tell you what facilities in your area can accept and bill your coverage.

It can be important to contact your insurer first because of how often medical facilities change policies on accepting insurance policies. They may be in-network with your insurer one year and then change and deny it the next. Your insurer will know what facilities have changed their policies and what ones are still accepting the insurance you carry.

Contact the Rehab Center’s Billing Office

You can also find out if a rehab center takes your insurance by contacting the facility’s billing department. The billing department has staff on hand who can readily tell you what insurers the center accepts. It may even be able to tell you how much your share of costs will be out-of-pocket.

Go Online for Information

If you are busy and do not have a lot of time to make phone calls to insurers or billing offices, you may want faster information to help you prepare for your upcoming rehab stay. You can get all of the information you need whether or not your insurance is accepted by going to the recovery center’s website.

The website may offer important billing details like:

  • In-network doctors and therapists
  • Out-of-pocket costs
  • Co-pays for treatment
  • In-network medications and medical devices

This information lets you prepare financially to admit yourself for drug rehabilitation that you need to get sober.

While your primary focus should be on healing physically and emotionally from your drug addiction, you do have to think about how you will pay for your treatment. We can help you with insurance concerns. Call us at 833-610-1174 today.

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