Are There Scholarships to Pay for New Jersey Drug Rehab If I\’m Underinsured?

As beneficial as professional drug rehab is for addicts and alcoholics, it does not come for free. Drug rehab centers must charge for their services if they want to keep their doors open to people who need treatment.

Paying for drug rehab may be beyond your current financial needs, however, especially if you are under-insured or not insured at all. Rather than forgo treatment entirely, you might pay for some or all of your costs by applying for drug rehab scholarships. You can apply by learning under what circumstances these scholarships are awarded.

Extreme Financial Difficulties

People who are not insured or under-insured may be considered to have an extreme financial need for a drug rehab scholarship. In fact, recovery centers may award scholarships to patients who have:

  • Little to no money with which to pay their drug rehab bills
  • Little to no credit
  • Few or no assets
  • Few other resources with which to get money

Financially-based scholarships for drug rehab centers are based on need. You may be required to provide documents like a bank or earning statement to verify your income and lack of money.

First Come First Serve

Drug rehab centers that do award scholarships to patients often do so on a first come, first serve basis. These facilities defer money to a fund set aside to bankroll scholarships. These scholarships are then distributed to needy patients at the start of the year until the money is gone.

Once the money is gone out of that fund, it is not replenished until the start of the next year. As such, if you want a scholarship to pay for your drug rehab treatment, it is critical that you apply as early in the year as possible. If you apply after the money has been depleted, you have to wait until the next year to apply or find another way to pay for your drug rehab stay.

Income-based Services

Recovery centers that do not offer scholarships may instead offer income-based services. The amount of money you pay for your treatment will be based on how much you earn.

If your income falls below a certain threshold, you could qualify for free services. However, you will be required to prove your income as well as the value of any assets you own.

Some drug rehabs offer scholarships to help patients pay for services. Find out more about drug rehab scholarships at 833-610-1174today.

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