Will Rehab Centers in New Jersey Refuse to Treat You if You\’ve Had Multiple Relapses?

Addiction is a serious illness that can destroy everything around you if you don\’t reclaim authority over your life. Though many people many never muster up the courage to fight the good fight, some brave warriors are determined to come out on the other side. But as with all things that are worthy, there are challenges, moments of weakness, inevitable pitfalls, and the possibility of relapse.

Succumbing to addiction after being treated may give you an unrealistic, cynical view on recovery programs. However, it is important to understand that relapsing does not mean that your treatment programs were ineffective nor does it mean that you are incapable of getting clean and staying there. It is simply an indication that you need to start again. The nature of each relapse can also reveal to you your hidden triggers, the negative forces that are presently a part of your life, and the factors that need to be addressed as you strive for sobriety once again.

Will I Be Accepted Into Rehab After Multiple Relapses?

Relapsing may feel like one of the lowest points of your life, but it is the reality of many people who struggle to break free from substance abuse. In fact, a portion of the population may find themselves relapsing several times before finally saying goodbye to substances for good or deciding to give in to the dark path of addiction. However, before subscribing to any detrimental emotions, remember that you can always re-enroll into a rehab in New Jersey to get treated once again, no matter how many times you have fallen off of the wagon.

When it comes to addiction, one size does not fit all, and what has worked for you in the past might not be the best method to sustain you going forward. It is likely in your best interest to avoid going to a rehab facility that has treated you in the past. While it may be a reputable facility, it just may not be the best place for you to heal. Because each facility embodies its own unique practices, there is a great possibility that the environment or particular program played a key role in your current state. Instead, selecting a specialized program may see you to more permanent results. For example, if you resonate with religious teachings or prefer faith-based healing, you could opt for a rehabilitation center that focuses their treatment methods around Christianity or the religion of your personal faith. If you favor a more natural route and are interested in overcoming your addiction through the practices of yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, mindfulness, plants and herbs, and clean eating, you would benefit more from enrolling in a holistic treatment program. Finding the program that you connect to can strongly influence how well things will play out in the future.

Is It Possible That I Will Relapse Again?

Due to your brain\’s rewiring of chemical substances, most relapses occur within the first three months following your mark of abstinence; however, substances can be picked up again after years of being clean. Short treatment programs hold their place in recovery, but depending on the severity of your addiction, the temptation may arise soon after. This is why a program that exceeds 90 days is most recommended, as you will have more time to undo the damage and become accustomed to healthy living habits. Despite your timeline, re-enrolling in rehab is always the best option. You may have forgotten the coping mechanisms and the gems taught to you during your therapy sessions, so retracing your steps can make all of the difference. Once you have completed the program, you can stay on track by regularly attending group support meetings.

While the ultimate goal is to get sober and remain there, the truth is, life happens. You have been down this road before, and as long as you are still breathing, you can always climb your way out of an unfavorable circumstance. Just mindfully tackle the obstacles that are placed in front of you and take it one step at a time. The key is to never give up on yourself, no matter how tough things may get.

Don\’t let relapse mark the end of your journey. With the right amount of support and a compatible treatment program, you will be able to break this vicious pattern. Give us a shot at helping you recover. Contact us today at 833-610-1174 and allow us to share with you how we can help you sever ties with addiction.

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