Is a Drug Rehab Program Necessary for Non-Addiction Chemical Dependence?

For a lot of people, the line between chemical dependency and addiction is blurred. It would be accurate to say that most people believe these conditions are one in the same. The reality is there is a very clear distinction between these here. A drug user can have a physical and even psychological dependence on a particular substance. By most definitions, it doesn\’t become an addiction until the drug user starts exhibiting addictive behavior. That would include being besieged by withdrawal symptoms with any attempt to cease using their drug of choice. The information above begs the question: \”what qualifies as addictive behavior?\” A person\’s addictive behaviors will usually be influenced by the drug to which the individual is addicted. If an effort to give some explanation, we\’ll use heroin addiction as an example. When someone has an addiction to a powerful opiate like heroin, they are likely to exhibit one or more of the following behaviors:

  • Loss of ability to concentrate and perform basic motor functions
  • Obsession with finding drugs or the money to buy drugs
  • A propensity towards illicit behavior because of their affiliation with the illicit drug market
  • Increasing difficulties in personal relations
  • Increasing problems at work or school
  • Loss of interest in hobbies and social activities
  • Inability to handle basic responsibilities

While they may have started with a physical or psychological dependence on heroin, the fact anyone would start exhibiting these kinds of behaviors indicates they have an addiction. Providing this information is not intended to detract from the seriousness of someone having a chemical dependence on any substance. It\’s still a troubling condition that requires some level of help. Is it necessary for someone to get treatment in rehab for a simple chemical dependence issue? Let\’s discuss this.

Is a Drug Rehab Program Necessary for Non-Addiction Chemical Dependence?

This is an interesting question. If someone has yet to display any kind of addictive behavior, you would have to wonder about the need for treatment. If the individual can stop using without experiencing significant withdrawal symptoms, it just doesn\’t seem to indicate there\’s a material problem. With that said, it should not be difficult to understand that every person who has or ever had an addiction to drugs or alcohol had at some point nothing more than a chemical dependency issue. That should make it clear that chemical dependence is a precursor to addiction. Given that\’s the case, it makes perfect sense that someone with a chemical dependency issue would want to consider getting treatment before an addiction sets in. Is it necessary to get the treatment in a drug rehab facility?

It\’s probably not absolutely necessary for someone with a chemical dependency issue to check into drug rehab. However, there really isn\’t any other way for someone who is treading so close to an addiction to get help before things go south. If they are going to invest time and money to stop a chemical dependency issue, they would want an addiction treatment professionals handling the treatment process. Once they make the decision to get treatment, the rehab process will be similar to what any other addiction sufferer would go through with one exception. It may not be necessary for the person with a chemical dependency issue to need help from a detox program. Remember what was stated above. One of the signs of an addiction is the presence of withdrawal symptoms when the drug user stops using it.

Almost by definition, that\’s not something someone with chemical dependence would experience. Putting detox programs aside, the rest of the treatment process would be the same. The client would have to endure intensive therapy sessions directed at finding the driving force behind the client\’s need to continue using harmful substances. The need to know the driving force coincides with the need to develop the right defense against any future desires to start using drugs again. You should now have a better idea of how to go about determining whether you have a chemical dependency issue or an addiction. In either case, time in a drug rehab facility would still be the best solution. If you would be interested in getting more information about this topic or our addiction treatment services, we would be glad to help. You can start the process by calling us immediately at 833-610-1174. From there, would likely want to bring you in and start treatment as soon as possible.

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