Will New Jersey Rehabs Help Me if I Developed My Opioid Addiction After a Workplace Injury?

One of the most common causes of addiction is through opioid use that\’s medically prescribed after a workplace injury. In the past, the highly addictive nature of opioid painkillers was underestimated and those types of pain relief medications were commonly prescribed, giving rise to a need for more New Jersey rehabs to treat this type of addiction. Now that we know that these drugs are dangerously addictive, doctors first try to find alternative methods of pain relief for their patients, but opioid painkillers are still prescribed in some cases.

As a result, there are a number of New Jersey drug rehabs that specialize in treating opioid addiction. They may offer detox services especially engineered to help addicts get clean, which is a necessary first step to beginning recovery. From there, counseling and other forms of therapy are focused on the unique traits of opioid addiction, giving recovering addicts the best chances for a sustained recovery.

Coping with Chronic Pain in a New jersey Rehab

Caregivers in New Jersey rehabs understand that there\’s real underlying pain that served as a trigger for your addiction. They also know that your physical pain will return once you\’re clean of the opioid painkillers. For this reason, the intake process involves a physical examination and interview to determine the severity of the condition causing your pain. This will help the staff determine the best approach to help you alleviate your pain without resorting to prescription painkillers. In some cases, medication may be prescribed, but doses will be small and only administered when other types of pain relief aren\’t effective. Every rehab facility is different and will offer a different range of therapies.

Primarily, physical activities and various forms of physical therapy are used as natural forms of pain relief. Physical therapy and exercise may actually work better, because these activities address the inflammation that\’s responsible for causing the pain. Some activities that your New Jersey rehab center offers may include:

  • Yoga/meditation
  • Weight lifting
  • Massage therapy
  • Chiropractic care
  • Acupuncture

Even though a legitimate workplace injury led to your opioid addiction, there\’s no reason you have to continue to suffer with your substance abuse problem. When you call us at 833-610-1174, you can discuss your pain problems with one of our counselors. They can answer your questions and give you a better understanding of how you\’ll learn to stay clean and manage your pain naturally.

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