Can I Go to Rehab in New Jersey if I Don\’t Have Health Insurance?

If you are dealing with a drug addiction and you want to get help, you may be hindered by the fact that you don’t have health insurance. It’s a fact of life that rehabs cost money. If you do not have any insurance, there are still ways that you can go to rehab in New Jersey.

Talk to your local mental health services

You can use your favorite search engine to look for local mental health and drug abuse services in your area. Once you find one that is local to you, call or make an appointment to talk to someone there. They may be able to point you in the proper direction if you live in New Jersey and do not have health insurance. The State of New Jersey Department of Human Services is an excellent place to start your search.

Search the state for grants and scholarships

Many rehabilitation centers in New Jersey are very supportive of clients who do not have health insurance. They can help you find grants and scholarships that could help you pay for a portion of your stay with them, if not the whole bill. Talk to each individual rehab you are thinking about going to, and ask if they have help available. You can also search for this type of help on your own.

Inquire about payment plans

Some rehabilitation centers will allow their patients to set up a payment plan for services. While you may not have the cash upfront to cover all of the services you need, the facility may be willing to take payments as you go. If you do have extra cash that you can use as payment, consider using it for rehab. Your health is important!

Pay for services as you go through outpatient facilities

The most expensive rehab in New Jersey will be inpatient facilities. This is because you are paying for meals, room and board, various types of therapy, medically supervised detox, and even holistic therapies. If you don’t have health insurance, consider going to an outpatient facility that only meets a few times a week. They will be less expensive than inpatient care, and you can choose to go when you can afford it. You can also consider checking into partial hospitalization programs, which are rehab programs that are a little more intense than regular outpatient ones.

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