Will a NJ Drug Rehab Help You With a Loved One Addicted to Drugs?

After watching your friend or family member struggle with addiction, you feel lost and unsure who to turn to for help. Conflict isn\’t uncommon; you have probably gotten into fights over their addiction only to walk away feeling even more heartbroken. When all you want to do is help, it\’s devastating to feel like every attempt at assistance is seen as an insult or attack. Helping someone with drug addiction isn\’t easy. Often times, people who are caught in the midst of substance abuse deny they have a problem or refuse to acknowledge it out of embarrassment and shame. Reaching someone with a problem requires communication strategies and an action plan. If your attempts to help a loved one quit drugs haven\’t worked, it might be time to contact a New Jersey drug rehab for help.

How to Help Someone Addicted to Drugs

You must first understand that while drug use is a choice, addiction isn\’t. People who develop substance use disorder may want to quit, but the powerful cravings and physical dependencies they develop make it difficult to stop. There are also many emotional factors to addiction that cause a person to start abusing drugs in the first place. Research addiction and the particular drug your loved one is using. Learn about its effects, and try to understand drug abuse from their perspective as well. This can help you change your approach when you believe that they\’re just choosing to live this way. Make sure that you also develop an action plan. Confronting drug abuse can be an endless cycle if you don\’t know how to address it properly. When you\’ve reached the end of the line and aren\’t sure what else to do, a drug intervention can help.

How a Rehab Can Help With Intervention

NJ rehabs have addiction counselors and therapists that are trained in all the aspects of substance abuse, including intervention. During an intervention, you and other close loved ones of the addict can meet at a designated time and place to discuss why their addiction is such a problem and how they can get help. Many people feel trapped by their substance abuse; intervention with a trained counselor can extend the helping hand people need to start treatment. In some cases, you might not be able to convince someone to go to rehab. However, intervention is also an opportunity to draw the line with addiction and express your boundaries and limitations. An intervention puts an end to enabling.

Find Drug Intervention Programs in New Jersey

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