Can My Spouse and I Go to a New Jersey Drug Rehab Together?

If you\’re seeking help for your addiction to alcohol or drugs, the thought of going to treatment raises a lot of questions. For instance, what if you and your spouse are both struggling with addiction? Can you go to a drug rehab in New Jersey together? In many cases, addiction affects more than one member of a family. Some married couples are fighting to get sober and finding it difficult to do so. One person might get help and then relapse. The other person might resent their spouse\’s sober new lifestyle. Problems mount and the addiction comes back. Both of you are tired of this cycle and ready to halt it. If you can both get help at the same time, your chances of staying sober might be better.

Can You and Your Spouse Go to the Same Drug Rehab in New Jersey Together?

Our Seacrest, New Jersey treatment center is happy to treat married couples and other couples together. We understand that in order to achieve sobriety for both of you, the following principles are key.

  • Each of you must be committed to your own personal recovery.
  • You\’re ready to learn coping skills for the new, sober life you\’ll be living together.
  • You\’re prepared to protect your marriage in the face of some challenging times.
  • You must work on your marriage so that your conflicts don\’t become a reason or a temptation to use drugs again.
  • You have a plan in place for what happens if one of your relapses.

Entering treatment together can be an excellent idea for the following reasons.

  • You are making a serious commitment to the health of your marriage.
  • Sobriety makes most relationships better.
  • You can help and support each through the challenges of recovery and sobriety.
  • You\’ll be working together on your addictions instead of fighting about them.

Are there times when a married couple should not attend rehab together? It is a bad idea in the following situations.

  • Only one of you is truly committed to recovery.
  • You have large, unresolved conflicts in your marriage that are unrelated to the addiction.
  • One spouse is not prepared to make major lifestyle changes after treatment.

Find the Right Drug Rehab in New Jersey

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