Why More People in South Jersey Will Need Rehab Centers

North Jersey and South Jersey have always seemed like two separate states. However, one unfortunate feature that they share is their addiction epidemic. One study showed that the number of heroin addicts in New Jersey is enough to create the four largest city in the state. New Jersey politicians have acknowledged the issue and have been making efforts to rectify it over the past year. The high rate of addiction means high demand for rehab centers. Fortunately, there are many excellent rehab centers in North Jersey for South Jersey people to go to.

The addiction epidemic in South Jersey is due to the following factors:

The Proximity to the Cities of Camden, Atlantic City, Trenton, and Philadelphia

Camden, Atlantic City, Trenton, and Philadelphia have high rates of drugs and crime. In 2012, Camden, a city in South Jersey that is just across the river from Philadelphia, was rated the worst drug and crime city in America. The proximity to such cities enables many addicted individuals to easily obtain heroin and other drugs.

Being on the Coast

Many illegal drugs are smuggled in from South America and other countries. New Jersey is a coastal state, which allows drugs to easily be shipped in.

Addiction Does Not Discriminate

People used to think that illegal drugs were restricted to the demarcations of inner cities. The demographic that has the highest rate of opiate use is White young adults who live in the suburbs. The reality is that the demographics do not matter. Addiction does not discriminate. People of any race, ethnicity, education level, profession, religion, etc. can become afflicted by addiction.

An Excellent Rehab to Serve South Jersey

Seacrest Recovery Center is located in Eatontown, New Jersey, which is about 40 to 60 minutes away from the South Jersey region. Our original location is in Boynton Beach Florida, so we bring the holistic Florida Model of addiction treatment to New Jersey. We are an outpatient facility that allows clients to live at the facility while being able to continue going to work, school, and see their families. Our Phase Back to Life program consists of three phases that start with the most intense and end in the least intense. Meetings, going to the gym, drug testing, and finding/holding a job are a part of all three phases.

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