Going To Drug Rehab Wasn\’t At All What I Thought It Would Be – It Was Better

You may have preconceived ideas about what drug rehab will be like. You may have heard stories from actively using “friends” or seen drug rehab depicted in movies or TV shows. Your schema of drug rehab is most likely not an accurate picture of drug rehab. You will not be forced to sit in meetings all day, lay on a couch and talk to a therapist as they eat chips with their mouth open, or be put in a rubber room. Drug rehab facilities are actually quite pleasant places to be.

Drug rehab typically consists of the following:

Compassionate, Empathetic Staff

Quality rehab centers employ compassionate staff. Everyone from the admissions counselor to your personal therapist will treat you with dignity and respect. You will find it hard not to trust them and feel comfortable around them. Most people who work at rehab centers are people who experienced addiction themselves, so they can empathize with you.

Healthy, Delicious Food

You will not be given cold, prison-like food on a styrofoam tray. Instead, you will eat healthy, delicious meals in a common area that will be similar to your kitchen at home. Nutritionists and chefs work together to prepare each meal.

Comfortable Living Quarters

The living quarters will designed just like your bedroom at home. You will have windows (with no bars on them), light-colored walls, and a comfortable bed. You may even be given a personal kitchen, laundry room, and sitting area. The goal of many rehab centers is to make the living quarters as “real-world” as possible.

Fun Activities

Though meetings and individual therapy are a part of the program, they do not comprise all of even most of the program. Many of the therapies that are used are art/music, nature, yoga/meditation, and equine. The activities will not even feel like therapy. You may even take off-site trips to the beach, movie theater, or park.

A Holistic Rehab Center in New Jersey

Seacrest Recovery Center is located in Eatontown, New Jersey. We take a holistic approach to addiction treatment, which includes fun therapies and activities to help you express your emotions and teach you to have fun and socialize as a sober person. We are an outpatient facility that has clean, comfortable living quarters for those who choose to live at the facility during the intense phases of treatment. Your treatment protocol will be tailored to your individual case

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