Where Can You Turn if You Realize You Have a Substance Abuse Problem in New Jersey?

Drug abuse is a problem for millions of men, women, and even teenagers throughout the United States. It is one that many people are ashamed to admit they have, even though they shouldn’t be. More and more information is being learned about drug addiction every day. While you may never be 100% “cured” of your addiction, you can get the help you need to manage it on a daily basis and live your best life.

Where can you turn if you realize you have a substance abuse problem in New Jersey? The answer? Rehab. Read on to learn why rehab will always be your best choice.

Do I Have a Problem?

One of the first questions you may be asking yourself is if you actually have a substance abuse problem. While deep down you probably already know the answer, sometimes it is important to see it in black and white.

If you have a drug addiction, you may:

• Use drugs to deal with stress and emotional problems
• Hide your drug use from friends, family, and coworkers
• Spend money you shouldn’t on drugs
• Avoid people who aren’t using drugs
• Stay away from places where you can’t use drugs or drink alcohol
• Be dealing with financial problems because of the money you spend on drugs or alcohol
• Steal to pay for your addiction
• Sell your belongings to pay for your addiction
• Get into trouble with the law, such as receiving a DUI

These are a few of the signs that can show if you have a problem with addiction. If you feel like you fit the description, talk to your local rehab about how to get help.

Rehab Services in New Jersey

If you are struggling with an addiction, big or small, don’t be fooled into thinking that you can solve it on your own. Sure, some people may have gotten clean by themselves. But there is absolutely no shame in checking into rehab. Turn to your local rehab center to get the help that you need, even if you haven’t hit rock bottom yet. There is really no “right” time to get clean- the sooner you check-in, the better.

Your local rehab has the knowledge and resources to care for your addiction no matter how severe it is. If you have been using drugs and alcohol and have been displaying some of the signs above, talking to a drug counselor in rehab should be your next step. You may think you have it under control, but continued use can lead to very serious consequences.

What Will Rehab Consist Of?

Don’t worry if you are a bit unsure of how rehab works. You aren’t the only one. Rehab can be scary when it is your first time, but you will soon see just how crucial it is in order to get clean and sober. The biggest steps are:

• Intake
• Detox
• Therapy
• Aftercare services

When you check-in, you’ll go through what is known as an “intake” process. This is where you will sit down and talk to a staff member about the details of your situation. You’ll give them personal information about your drug use, such as how long you have been using, if you have ever been in rehab before, and when you used last.

The next part will consist of drug detox. If you are dealing with any type of withdrawal, be open and honest with the facility. You may or may not be given medication to take care of the worst of your withdrawal symptoms. You will always be closely monitored to make sure your body is dealing with the change safely.

Next will come therapy sessions. You’ll have the opportunity to speak privately to a therapist, usually on a daily basis. You’ll also go for group therapy, which are meetings that consist of the other members of the rehab center. Finally, some rehab centers offer family therapy sessions when and if they believe they will be useful.

You won’t leave rehab without aftercare information. You may be set up with a room at a halfway house, or you may be given information about local meetings, such as NA or AA. Your therapists will want to make sure you have the support you need in place once you leave.

Rehab is the Answer

Don’t put it off any longer. Call or stop by and get started on that next step to a clean life. We can help you get clean! Call us at 833-610-1174 to learn more about our facility.

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