What Are Some Ways to Explain a Stay in Rehab to Your Coworkers?

Drug addiction does not distinguish between people. While many of us think addicts are typically homeless people on the street, this is far from the truth. In fact, according to one study, roughly 70% of Americans who are suffering from a substance abuse disorder still hold down a job.

However, even if you are a great employee and a hard worker, it is likely that a drug or alcohol addiction will cause problems at some point. You may find yourself coming in later and later after a night of drinking, or you may have to sneak off to get high during work hours to deal with the stress of the job. No matter what, rehab is a good idea.

Once you have chosen to check into a local rehab, what is next? You’ll have to talk to your boss and coworkers about the decision. Just what are some ways to explain a stay in rehab to your coworkers? Should you be completely honest or should you skirt the truth?

When you can tell your coworkers the truth

Be upfront about your problem

How much your coworkers already know will make a difference with how they react. For example, if you have been displaying the signs of drug addiction, they may already realize you have a problem. If you have been able to hide your secret and maintain productivity at your job, it could come as a shock. Whichever way it is, telling the truth can help you in more ways than one. First, it will be a huge relief to get it off of your shoulders. Hiding a secret like drug abuse can be tough mentally. Second, your coworkers will, hopefully, be very supportive of your decision. They may encourage you to get the treatment you need as soon as possible.

Ask for what you need

Telling the truth about your drug addiction will help your coworkers understand what you will need in the upcoming weeks or even months. Your coworkers may even offer to fill in for you while you are gone, or they may ask if they can take some of your regular customers off of your hands. While you don’t want to impose on your coworkers, don’t be afraid to admit you need the help. More than likely, they will jump to assist you.

Don’t get too deep with details

You may feel at ease being transparent when it comes to your upcoming stay in rehab. However, your coworkers don’t need to know every single detail about your problem. You do not have to disclose what substances you are having problems with. Your personal finances and relationships can stay as private as you would like them to be. If you feel uncomfortable with a question, simply tell them so. Remember, this is your time to work on YOU. Honesty is the best way to start.

What if you can’t tell your coworkers about rehab?

In a perfect world, everyone would understand that you have a problem and that you are on your way to get help. Unfortunately, we all know that in the real world, people can use this information against you. You may have a very good reason as to why you don’t wish to disclose your addiction to your coworkers or even your superiors.

If you must keep rehab a secret, consider using the following reasons to explain your upcoming absence.

You’re on vacation- This reason will be the least suspicious. If you have enough vacation time saved up, you can easily use it while you are in rehab. All you have to do is tell your coworkers that you are taking a vacation. We would recommend saying that you are staying at home to relax. That way, you won’t be pressed for details or pictures.

You’re helping a sick relative- While this may be a little white lie, technically YOU are the sick one. Don’t go into detail if you are pressed. Simply say you are having a family emergency and need to take some time off to help.

You need a mental break- This reason is probably one of the truest. A mental break from the stressors of life is just what you need, and a rehab center is ready to give it to you. You can simply explain to your coworkers that you have become more stressed out than usual, and you are in desperate need of a mental break from work.

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