When Is an Outpatient Drug Treatment Program a More Viable Alternative than Inpatient?

Drug addiction can take a toll on an individual’s life. The more you postpone treatment, the harder it becomes to drop the detrimental habits. Professionals tailor treatment programs according to your needs and situation. After a comprehensive examination and assessment, your doctor may recommend either inpatient or outpatient drug treatment. However, the choice entirely depends on you. When should you choose the outpatient program over the inpatient option?

It’s the only affordable option

In most cases, outpatient drug treatment programs are less expensive compared to inpatient. Since you don’t live within the rehab, you get to save on accommodation and food costs. You could pick the outpatient option if your budgets are tied.

Your dependency on drugs isn’t severe

Many people notice their addiction habits early and take action immediately. If your addiction to drugs isn’t as severe, and you are sure you can manage your cravings without relapsing to drug use, the outpatient option will be a viable option for you.

You have to attend to work or school

Drug addiction treatment shouldn’t be the reason why you quit school or work. If you can manage to attend both your therapy sessions a few times a week as well as work or school, outpatient programs are your best bet. Many employees will allow you to go for treatment and show up to work as usual.

You reside close to the rehab center

If you live close to the rehab center in a way you can’t miss your treatment and therapy sessions, you could consider the outpatient treatment. The treatment center should be easily accessible to allow you to attend your treatment program for increased chances of success.

You don’t have any other disorders

People who check-in at the addiction recovery centers with other disorders such as depression, anxiety, and mental disorders may need more complicated and specialized treatments. These kinds of treatments are only available at inpatient treatment centers. You might need a comprehensive assessment by an expert in order to make the right decision.

You are disciplined

Sticking faithfully to a treatment plan requires high levels of dedication and discipline. Outpatient programs will leave you unsupervised when you aren’t within the treatment center. If you feel you are disciplined enough to say no to temptations, outpatient programs might just work for you.

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