Does Outpatient Drug Counseling Let Me Keep Going to School?

You\’ve made the best decision of your life- you\’re ready to check into a rehab facility. However, you are currently in school and you don\’t want to lose all of the time and energy you have put into your classes. You aren\’t alone- many clients wonder if an outpatient drug counseling center will allow them to go to school while they go through treatment. Read on to learn the answer to this and other questions.

First, what exactly is outpatient drug counseling?

Before we answer that question, let\’s take a look at what inpatient drug counseling is. When you check into an inpatient rehab, you are basically turning your whole life over to the center for a fixed number of days. Inpatient rehab allows clients to live at the facility while they get clean and go through counseling. Most programs run for 28 days or longer.

However, outpatient drug counseling does not require that you stay at the facility. It\’s a better solution for clients who may not be able to commit to 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Outpatient drug counseling is a better choice if you have outside responsibilities that you simply cannot give up, such as a job or classes. It gives you more freedom to take care of the other events in your life.

Can I keep going to school during drug counseling?

If you choose outpatient drug counseling, then the answer is likely YES. However, it will also depend on the rehab you choose and the times you have class. You may have to juggle your classes around in order to experience everything the outpatient rehab has to offer. For example, if the facility only operates during the daytime, you may have to reschedule your classes for nighttime. However, some rehab centers offer counseling after normal business hours, in which case you can keep going to class during the day.

There are also weekend hours that you may be able to participate in. Since the majority of schools do not have classes on Saturday and Sunday, this could be a great option to stay in school during rehab.

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