What To Look For When You Think A Person Needs A Drug Rehab in New Jersey

It is a difficult decision when choosing to intervene for someone who needs professional drug rehabilitation. Not everyone who experiments with drugs or abuses drugs for a limited period of time needs professional treatment. These individuals will still suffer the consequences of their choices – potential arrests, failed relationships, losing a job, or not living up to their full potential – but, the deciding point as to when someone needs rehab is when the drugs or alcohol have taken over a person\’s life. They are no longer making healthy, productive decisions for themselves and are being fully controlled by the disease of addiction.

There are several key factors to watch for if you think someone you care about needs rehab:

  • A person who is addicted to drugs or alcohol will often have unexpected mood swings. These shifts in mood tend to occur rapidly and unprovoked. They can swing from upbeat and happy, to sad and withdrawn. Or a person may appear calm and quickly become angry and defensive.
  • Isolation is another sign of substance or alcohol abuse. This can be because the user may be trying to hide the fact that they are using. People burdened with addiction are often more comfortable being alone. It can also be that the person is embarrassed by their addiction.
  • Lying becomes common with most people wrestling with a dependency on drugs or alcohol. The lies can involve where they have been, who they have been with, or what they have been doing. The lies will usually become grander the as the addiction develops and continues to worsen.
  • Someone whose use has developed into an uncontrollable addiction may experience black outs. There may be periods of time or events they can\’t recollect. They may not remember where they have been, their actions, or even what all drugs they used.

An effective rehabilitation program in New Jersey, especially if the signs are recognized early, can rescue people from the grip of addiction. It can save lives and help restore families. It can revive dreams, and help former users set goals and give them the tools necessary to reach them. Our counselors are available to assist 24 hours a day at (833) 762-3765

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