Should I Go To A Private Drug Rehab Center If I Am Concerned About Someone Finding Me?

Private drug rehab centers offer many benefits over public drug rehab centers. One of the main benefits of going to a private facility is the increased privacy and confidentiality. Your chances of someone finding you is significantly higher at a local public rehab center because you are closer to home and they are often located in regular cities and suburbs. If you are concerned about someone find you, you should opt for a private facility that is a distance from your home as opposed to a public one.

The benefits of a private rehab over a public rehab are:


Private rehab centers are often located on secluded grounds in the middle of beautiful scenery. Many of these can easily be mistaken for resorts to drivers passing by. The seclusion allows for increased privacy and confidentiality. Public rehabs are often located in the middle of city or suburban noise, which puts them in the spectacle of the entire public and can cause distractions to the clients.

Lower Staff-to-Patient Ratio

Since public rehabs rely on government funding, they hire the minimum number of staff that they can. They also tend to hire staff that is willing to take on the largest caseloads for the least amount of pay. This causes a high staff-to-patient ratio. The counselors are often overworked and underpaid, and they most likely have less education and experience as staff that is hired by private treatment centers.

On the contrary, private treatment centers hire more staff because they have more funding from clients’ payments. Since their funding relies solely on clients, they are more motivated to hire staff that has more education and experience. Lower staff-to-patient ratio allows more individualized attention to be given to clients, better relationships to be established between staff and patients, and more effective treatment to be given.

More Amenities

Private treatment centers have more amenities (e.g. nature trail, recreation centers, off-site trips, etc.). These amenities can make a major difference because they allow a holistic approach to be taken.

Shorter Wait Time

Public rehabs have a limited number of beds, and their affordability increases their demand. Private rehab centers have small to no wait lists and most of them can get you in within 24 hours.

A Private Drug Rehab Center in New Jersey

Seacrest Recovery Center is a rehab center that is located in Eatontown, New Jersey. Though we are a private rehab center, we value providing top-notch, yet affordable treatment by offering the clients the choice to be either inpatient or outpatient. We have a sufficient number of master’s level staff that can provide quality treatment to small caseloads. We also accept most major health insurance plans, which will significantly cut the out-of-pocket cost for many people.  Call us today at 833-610-1174

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