What Kinds of People Work at Rehab in NJ?

Going into a New Jersey rehab can be scary if you do not know what to expect. Rest assured that rehab is not the equivalent to prison and is not intended to punish you. Rehab is a warm, safe, and healing environment that is intended to help you overcome your addiction and become the best that you can be. The staff is empathetic and compassionate, and many of them have struggled with addictions themselves and overcame it, so they understand all of your emotions about going into rehab and getting into recovery.

The different kinds of people who work at rehab in New Jersey are:
• Administrative Staff (admissions people, insurance coordinators, supervisors, etc.).
• Counselors
• Resident Assistants
• Medical Staff
• Nutritionists
• Special Types of Instructors
• Case Managers/Social Works

Your Relationship with the Different Staff at New Jersey Rehab

When you first arrive at the rehab center, you will be greeted by admissions staff who will take basic information from you (e.g. your name, emergency contact, substance abuse history, etc.) and insurance or financial coordinators to discuss your payment plan. If you have not been detoxed yet, you will be assessed by medical staff for detox needs. If you need detox, you will spend a couple of days to up to two weeks in detox. Medical staff will monitor and treat you during this time. You may also work with a nutritionist and do various therapies such as meditation, reiki, chiropractic care, acupuncture, bio sound therapy, etc.

After detox, you will start more psychological counseling. You may be assigned a counselor or a team of counselors for individual therapy, family therapy, and group therapy. Experiential therapies (e.g. yoga/meditation, art therapy, adventure therapy, etc.) will be conducted by specially-trained instructors or therapists. While you may be responsible for keeping your room and bathroom clean to an extent, resident assistants are there to help clean your room and bathroom and assist with other activities. Towards the end of your stay, you may meet with a case manager or social worker to make aftercare arrangements (e.g. sober-living facility, halfway house, living independently, getting a job, going to school, etc.). All the staff should be treating you with respect and dignity. If at any time you feel like you are not being treated well, feel free to bring it up to the supervisors.

New Jersey rehabs are excellent places to end your addiction. The staff is well-informed and highly-experienced in treating addiction using compassionate, evidence-based approaches. Contact one today to start your journey to recovery at 833-610-1174.

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