How Do You Find Alcohol Treatment Centers That Take Your Insurance?

If you have insurance, there’s a good chance that your insurance provider may cover substance use treatment at some level. As most conventional treatment options can be particularly expensive, it is important to carefully review your policy to see whether your treatment will be covered by your insurance. Many insurance companies cover all or parts of the rehabilitation process.

Finding Treatment That Accepts Your Insurance

The fastest way to find a treatment facility that will take your insurance is to first verify what is covered by your policy. Contact your insurance provider if you have decided to go to a rehab program. As you review this information, keep in mind that many policies do require that individuals pay a portion of these costs themselves.

In most cases, insurance will cover costs for treatment programs that are the same price as an average rehabilitation program.

When reviewing your policy, you will likely find that your insurance will cover your treatment if it is your first time receiving treatment for substance abuse. These policies may differ for an individual seeking treatment after a relapse. Additionally, insurance companies will likely be more inclined to cover the costs for treatment at a public rehab rather than any facility that offers luxury treatment.

FAQ About Insurance and Addiction Treatment

After you have reviewed your insurance policy, you may have several questions regarding treatment and insurance. Consider the following frequently asked questions:

  • Will my insurance cover inpatient treatment?Most insurance policies cover inpatient treatment. Speak with your insurance provider to determine if your particular policy will cover the full amount or only part of it.
  • What are the out-of-pocket costs?Every policy will have its own details regarding the costs you must pay for out-of-pocket. Even if you are expected to pay a certain expense on your own, there are many additional payment options you should consider to supplement your insurance coverage.
  • How long can I stay?Typically, an individual’s insurance policy will cover the amount of treatment that an individual needs to recover. Generally, insurance will cover anywhere from one to four weeks, depending on the needs of the individual as the insurance company sees fit.
  • Will the rehab facility of my choice take my insurance? In some instances, interested individuals may find that a treatment facility won’t accept their insurance. This information can be learned by contacting the rehab facility directly. If this is the case, the individual should be prepared to pay out of pocket should they choose to go to a facility that doesn’t accept their insurance.

The best way to determine which alcohol treatment centers take your insurance is to review your policy and speak with a treatment facility directly. If you have any further questions regarding insurance, call 833-610-1174 to speak with our counselors today.

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