What Items Are Banned from New Jersey Rehab?

The purpose of rehab is to focus on achieving sobriety. Your time in your treatment program will be spent detoxing, going to therapy, participating in recreational activities, and forming new, healthy habits to help you cope with life outside of rehab.

As such, many rehabilitation facilities like their incoming clients to pack as few distractions as possible. This stipulation puts a limit on what an individual should include when packing for rehab. While each facility in New Jersey will have its own specific rules, there are generally certain things that are never allowed at any rehab.

What Items are Banned from New Jersey Rehabs?

Apart from your forms of identification, clothing, and general toiletries, there isn\’t much that you need to bring with you to rehab. Whatever you do pack, be sure to avoid including anything on the following list of banned items:

  • Cell Phones – While you may want to reach out to your family and friends whenever you\’d like to, phones aren\’t allowed at most rehab centers. By banning phones, rehab facilities are able to disconnect you from the outside world, making it easier for you to focus on your sobriety. While each facility will have its own rules regarding contact, patients will generally be allowed a calling card to get in contact with their loved ones.
  • Electronic Devices – In addition to cell phones, any other electronic devices like video games, tablets, and laptops are typically banned as well. With the full schedule you have ahead of you, you\’ll likely have plenty of opportunities to keep yourself entertained during your time in a rehab program.
  • Drinks and Food – There\’s no need to bring food and drinks with you to inpatient treatment. As you will be staying at the facility, they\’ll provide you with your meals. Additionally, allowing food and drinks gives others the opportunity to sneak in substances that would compromise the sober environment of the facility.
  • Weapons – While this may go without saying, all weapons and weapon-like items are banned from rehab facilities.

As you prepare to go to treatment, keep in mind that it\’s not about what you can\’t take with you, it\’s about the transformation that you\’ll experience during your time there. If you have any more questions about treatment, please call us at 833-610-1174. Our counselors are available 24 hours a day and are ready to take your call.

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