Can a Sober Living Home in NJ Help Me Find Permanent Housing?

Your time in rehab is a transformative one. As you enter into a new season of sobriety, it is important to do everything you can to support your decision to live substance-free–including making important choices about where you will live.

While each person\’s living situation is different, many people choose not to return to the same environment after leaving rehab. Returning to the same living situation where you developed your addiction can be all too triggering. Instead, you should consider other options for housing in New Jersey.

Sober Living Homes and Permanent Housing in New Jersey

While sober living homes in NJ aren\’t permanent housing options, they can be a stepping stone that allows you to find the right apartment or home after rehab. These recovery residences are designed to help individuals re-enter society after undergoing treatment for addiction.

Typically run by rehab facilities or sober individuals, these homes only house people that are in recovery. This is to ensure that the living environment is completely sober. Additionally, with all residents in recovery, a sober living home has a built-in support system.

When it comes to finding permanent housing after rehab, these recovery residences help an individual continue their sobriety as they learn to accommodate themselves to the working world and their regular lives. This will allow you to build up your finances as you prepare to start renting again or buying a property. The biggest consideration for your new living environment is that it continues to be a sober one.

Consider the following housing options:

  • Sublet Private Accommodation Subletting private accommodation will give you the opportunity to rent your own room from private landlords that support your sobriety. Ask around at your sober living facility for references for landlords that you can rent from. Ideally, by subletting from a private landlord, you\’ll be able to continue to enjoy a sober living environment. These landlords should have rules in place banning any substances, enforcing a curfew, and discouraging late payments from tenants.
  • Government Supported Affordable Housing Programs Specific housing models are in place to help renters in recovery. These permanent supportive housing programs offer low-cost housing options for individuals in recovery that are looking for a stable home environment. These programs help prevent homelessness after treatment and allow those recovering to rebuild their lives.

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