What is it like to go to an alcohol addiction treatment center in New Jersey?

When you are considering entering an alcohol addiction treatment center in New Jersey, you likely have some questions you would like answered about the facility. Alcohol addiction is a disease that should always be taken care of by professionals in a reputable facility. It is the best decision you or a loved one will ever make. When you want to know more about the facility you choose, keep reading to learn what you can expect.

Detox Services

Alcohol abuse is responsible for more than five percent of all deaths in the world. Alcohol can rewire the brain by causing a mental and physical dependence on the substance. The physical withdrawal symptoms of alcohol can be so severe that a person can die if they are not properly supervised during the detox process. An addiction treatment center in New Jersey will offer a comprehensive program for addicts, including the best detox services possible.

If you choose an inpatient facility, you’ll stay in a hospital or hospital-like setting while you detox. You will be monitored day and night while your body rids itself of the alcohol. If needed, the doctors on staff will prescribe medications that will help with your symptoms. Once the medical staff believes you are stable enough, you’ll be permitted to move to a residential or outpatient program.

A residential addiction facility offers detox services as soon as you come in for your first day. If you have a newer or less severe addiction, this type of detox may be the right one for you. Once you are feeling well enough, you’ll be able to attend private and group therapy sessions.

If you would rather attend an outpatient clinic, you won’t be required to stay overnight in the facility. Some outpatient clinics offer their own detox facility while others don’t.

Comprehensive Services to Expect

When you attend an alcohol addiction treatment center, the focus will be on rehabilitation services. You can expect the following during your stay:

• Private therapy
• Group therapy
• Holistic activities
• Family therapy
• Volunteering opportunities

When you start a rehab program, you’ll talk with a team of doctors and counselors to develop a treatment plan that is personalized just for you. While every facility operates a bit differently, you can expect a strong focus on therapy while you are there. Let’s take a closer look at what your time will look like during rehab.

Therapy Sessions

Your therapy sessions will mainly consist of group and private therapy. Group therapy allows patients to develop a stronger sense of self by talking with other addicts who are dealing with the same concerns as they are. These sessions are overseen by addiction specialists who will guide the flow of conversation and stop any conflict that may happen to arise.

During your one-on-one therapy sessions, your counselor or therapist will help you pinpoint the triggers that cause you to want to pick up a drink. Once identified, you’ll then discuss ways to overcome your cravings. Behavioral therapy will be a big part of your therapy sessions. Learning to change your behavior will make all the difference when you are faced with the choice to drink again.

Some rehab centers also offer family therapy sessions for patients who wish to begin mending family relationships. Family members will be asked to come into the facility for these sessions.

Holistic and Volunteering Opportunities

Many alcohol rehab facilities offer both holistic and volunteering opportunities for patients. Holistic therapy may include yoga, meditation sessions, acupressure and acupuncture, nature therapy, equine therapy, exercise classes, and more. Some also offer volunteering opportunities for patients who wish to start giving back to others as they learn to heal. You’ll also have time to yourself every day when you become part of an alcohol rehab program. Many patients use this time to read, write, draw, meditate, work on art projects, or simply relax.

What Happens Next?

Once you are through with the program, you’ll have a choice to make. Are you ready to go back to your normal life? Do you need extra time to integrate back into society? If you do need more time and structure, consider a stay in a sober living home. But no matter what, always have a plan to attend 12-step or similar meetings once you are done with the program. Rehab is a process that takes time, patience, and effort. You’re not “healed” when you leave the program, but you will be that much closer to sobriety!

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