Should I go to an Alcohol detox center before going to rehab?

Making the decision to go into rehab will be one that you will be happy to have made. When it comes to your alcohol addiction, it might be hard to be objective enough to admit that you have a problem. You may be asking yourself if you should go to an alcohol detox center before going to rehab. It may be time to take a much closer look at your problem and admit that you are addicted to alcohol. Once you make that determination, you can start on the road to recovery. Your next step will be to decide whether you need detox or not. Keep reading to learn more about alcohol addiction, detox services, and rehab.

How severe is my alcohol addiction?

Now is the time to stop and think about your situation as objectively as possible. Is your life being negatively affected because of your alcohol use? Are your relationships going downhill over your drinking habits? Have loved ones repeatedly asked you to stop drinking so much? Understanding the criteria for alcohol addiction will help you recognize whether your addiction is mild, severe, or somewhere in-between.

If you are wondering if you are addicted to alcohol and need immediate help, you may meet some or all of the following criteria:

• Thinking about drinking alcohol all of the time
• Uncontrollable cravings for alcohol
• Wanting to quit but being unable to for long periods of time
• Problems with being responsible
• Relationship problems stemming from alcohol use
• Loss of interest in activities that do not involve drinking
• Building a tolerance to alcohol
• Feeling withdrawal symptoms when you stop drinking

Even if you meet just a couple of the above criteria, your addiction is serious enough to require help.

Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

Alcohol causes a depressive effect on your body. As you drink, your brain function begins to slow down while starting to change how your nerves send important messages back and forth. After a while, your nervous system begins to adjust to the alcohol in your body. Your body then has to work even harder to keep your brain functioning and awake. When you suddenly stop giving your body alcohol, your body begins to feel the effects. This is what causes withdrawal symptoms to occur. Your symptoms can range from very mild to extremely severe, depending on how long you have been drinking and how much you typically drink.

Within six hours of your last drink, you can experience the following mild to moderate symptoms:

• Shakiness
• Nausea and vomiting
• Anxiety
• Sweating
• Headache
• Insomnia

More severe withdrawal symptoms will start within 12 to 48 hours after you have had your last drink, such as hallucinations. After 48 hours, your body may experience DTs, or Delirium tremens, a symptom that causes delusions and vivid hallucinations. Other severe withdrawal symptoms can include:

• Racing heartbeat
• Confusion and agitation
• High blood pressure
• Heavy sweating
• Fever

It’s important to seek help for your withdrawal symptoms no matter how mild they are. An alcohol detox center will help your body go through the symptoms of withdrawal safely.

Alcohol Detox

Before going into a rehab program, you’ll want to enter a detox center to rid your body of the alcohol. You won’t be able to fully participate in rehab if you are still dealing with the symptoms of withdrawal. Let’s look at the different types of detox centers:

Inpatient – Inpatient detox takes place in a hospital or other care center. In most cases, inpatient detox is reserved for those experiencing extreme withdrawal symptoms. Inpatient detox offers monitored detox services day and night by doctors, nurses, and other support staff. Medication is often prescribed for those who need it. Once you are well enough to leave the hospital you can transition to an alcohol rehab facility.

Residential- Many residential rehabs offer their own in-house detox centers. Most, but not all, are equipped to handle severe withdrawal symptoms. This allows you to experience detox and therapy all in one place.

Outpatient- Outpatient facilities do not always offer detox services. If you plan on using an outpatient clinic but need to go through detox first, you will likely need to find a separate facility.

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