The Obvious Signs that Someone Needs a Drug Rehab Center

You should hopefully know what to do if you recognize signs of drug addiction in yourself, but what do you do if you see them in someone else? You can\’t actually force someone to seek treatment if they refuse, but you can encourage them to go into a drug rehab center if you see some of the following signs of addiction.

Physical Symptoms

Some of the more obvious signs of drug abuse are the physical changes that it makes to the body. A person who is addicted to drugs might have noticeable changes in their weight, bloodshot or glazed eyes, or bruises and scars at a drug\’s entrance site. The latter is very common among intravenous drug users; you might see the wounds made by the needles along the arms.

Behavioral Changes

Depending on what kinds of substances are being used, you might not notice that many physical changes in someone who is addicted to drugs or alcohol. You are probably more likely to see behavioral changes. Look for signs such as increased irritability, a change in personality, depression, increased lethargy, and changes in their social network.

Financial Problems

Many people who struggle with substance abuse have financial problems, mainly due to the fact that they spend a lot of their money on drugs or alcohol. They may also miss work if they place a greater priority on drugs than their job. This is a little harder to see if you don\’t live with the person or aren\’t directly impacted by their finances, but it is a very clear red flag, especially if they show other signs of drug abuse.

When Should You Step In?

As we said before, you can\’t actually force someone into a drug rehab program against their will, and you shouldn\’t always jump to conclusions just because you see one or two of these signs. For example, many people who have never had problems with drugs or alcohol have had bouts of depression and financial troubles, and many people who are addicted to drugs appear to function well in society. You need to use your own judgment when it comes to these signs. If someone you know is showing a few of these symptoms or there\’s been a noticeable change in their behavior in recent weeks, find a time to calmly speak to them about a potential drug problem.

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