Should You Go To Aftercare Once You\’ve Completed a Drug Rehab Center in New Jersey?

The transition back into society after inpatient drug rehab can be challenging. While you have learned many tools in rehab, applying them in the real world is the real test. Rehab treated the physiological aspect of your addiction by detoxing you, and the various therapies treated the psychological aspect of your addiction by providing you tools to change your distorted ways of thinking. However, recovery is a lifelong process. Going to aftercare during the early days of living sober in society cannot hurt; it can only help.

There are multiple reasons why going to aftercare after drug rehab is a good idea:

• There are many more tools to learn after inpatient rehab, especially those that are applicable to living in the real world as a recovering individual.
• Going to outpatient aftercare provides structure and accountability that is needed in early recovery.
• Relapse prevention requires constant maintenance.
• You can become employed and/or continue your education while still treating your addiction.

The Types of Outpatient Aftercare that are Available

Outpatient aftercare can be done in a variety of ways. Twelve Step meetings are the most common form of aftercare and often become a permanent fixture in the lives of recovering individuals. Twelve Step meetings provide the opportunity to connect with people who can empathize with you and offer solutions to problems that commonly occur in early recovery. Most people attend meetings every day in early recovery. If you are not a believer in the Twelve Steps, there are 12-step alternative fellowships.

Getting a sober coach is a great way to get one-on-one help in living sober in society. Outpatient rehab (e.g. partial-hospitalization, intensive-outpatient, and outpatient) is an excellent option because you can continue working on the concepts that you learned in inpatient treatment. Outpatient rehab will provide you the opportunity to receive individualized counseling, participate in group therapy, and increase your knowledge about addiction. Sober-living environments and halfway houses are healthy living environments where you can live among others who are newly sober while transitioning back into society.

Seacrest Recovery is an outpatient rehab that is located in Eatontown, New Jersey. Their unique Phase Back to Life program will put you through three levels of outpatient treatment. You will start out in partial-hospitalization, proceed to intensive-outpatient, and finally proceed to outpatient. You can live at the facility during the first two phases while being able to leave during the day to go to work and/or school and see your family.

If you are interest in Seacrest Recovery for aftercare, call them today at (833) 762-3765

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