What Part of NJ Are Substance Abuse Treatment Centers Located?

The nationwide addiction epidemic has propelled many luxury treatment centers to open in every state to serve addicts all across the country who are in need of high-quality treatment. The opioid epidemic has an especially tight grip in the northeast of the country, which is why New Jersey has become the addiction recovery hub in that region.

The part of New Jersey where most of the treatment centers are located is North Jersey. Most North Jersey treatment centers are located along the shore to create a beautiful healing environment and add experiential therapy options. There are detox centers that are located further inward from the shore in North Jersey. South Jersey also has several rehabs, but those rehabs are not located by the shore. Most South Jersey rehabs are located in suburban towns, and some are located by the Delaware River to mimic the healing environments of the treatment centers that are in proximity to the ocean.

An Excellent North Jersey Treatment Center

Seacrest Recovery Center in located in Eatontown, NJ to help combat the addiction epidemic in the northeastern region of the country. Seacrest Recovery strongly believes in individualized addiction treatment because each case is unique, so you will receive a treatment plan that will guarantee your best chances for success, not the general population\’s.

Seacrest Recovery Center’s program is called “Phase Back to Life.” The program consists of three phases of outpatient treatment that starts out as intense and decrease in intensity over time.

  • Partial-Hospitalization
    Partial-hospitalization is the first and most intense phase of the program. The sessions meet five days a week for two weeks. Acquiring a sponsor, going to the gym, drug testing/breathalyzing, and job search are a part of this phase.
  • Intensive Outpatient
    Intensive outpatient lasts for six to ten weeks. Three to five sessions a week (depending on your case), working with a sponsor, and maintaining a job are a part of this phase.
  • Outpatient
    Outpatient lasts indefinitely. Attending one session per week, collaborating with other recovering individuals, and working a full-time job are a part of this phase.

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