Can You Be Good Without Going To a Rehab Center?

Rehabilitation centers can help you beat a drug or alcohol addiction, but they can\’t do the work for you. This truth leads many addicts to wonder if they can overcome their addiction on their own. Many can. Rehabilitation centers are an excellent resource for those battling addiction but are not absolutely necessary for everyone. While a doctor should oversee your detoxification, here are some things you can do on your own to help yourself stay on track and stop using.

Find a New Groove

If you continue to spend time in the same places and activities you did when you used, you will continue to use. One of the ways rehabilitation works is by pulling you out of your life and giving you a chance to rebuild it anew when you go home. You can achieve this yourself if you recognize the need to abandon your old haunts. Find a new hobby and join a related club or group. This will keep you away from the people you used with and the places where you used.

Carry Plastic

Bars and liquor stores accept credit cards, but your dealer won\’t. If your drug of choice is something other than alcohol, you can help yourself by not carrying cash. Cash can easily be converted into drugs. Making sure getting cash requires effort gives you more time to stop and think about what you\’re doing when you are faced with temptation.

Find Your Source

People often turn to drugs and alcohol for a reason, be it numbing pain or trying to forget a troubled past. Figuring out why you use and finding better ways to solve that problem are big parts of what rehabilitation is all about. If you want to succeed at getting clean, you\’ll need to do some honest soul searching for the source of your addiction. Consider talking to a psychiatrist or counselor if you are struggling with this. You can see a counselor without going into rehab.

Know When to Reach Out

Overcoming addiction on your own is hard. Though there are many compelling reasons to try battling addiction on your own, it\’s not something everyone can do. If at any point in the process of going it alone you fear that you are failing, reconsider your decision to avoid time in a rehab center. For some, the services these centers provide are absolutely necessary to finding and maintaining sobriety. There is no shame in accepting help, and doing so increases your odds of reclaiming your sobriety. Our counselors are available 24 hours a day and are happy to help you. Call (833) 762-3765 if you need a caring heart and sympathetic ear coupled with the experience to provide actionable help.

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