How Much Does Outpatient Drug Rehab Cost in New Jersey?

Outpatient rehab is increasing in popularity due to a variety of factors.
•The high cost of quality inpatient rehab centers.
•Lack of health insurance coverage for quality inpatient rehab centers.
•Inability to attend inpatient rehab due to work, school, family, financial, or legal obligations.
•The fact that “addiction does not discriminate” is becoming more well-known; therefore, more people (e.g. working adults, honors students, etc.) are becoming less afraid to seek help.

The expense of inpatient rehab centers being one of the most common reasons for choosing outpatient rehab as opposed to inpatient rehab begs the question of how much does outpatient rehab actually cost.

The Cost of a New Jersey Outpatient Rehab

A New Jersey outpatient rehab can cost anywhere between zero to 5,000 dollars for a three-month-long program. Your specific cost will be dependent on several of factors.
•Whether it is a public or private facility (public facilities are the type that can be attended at no cost).

•The portion of addiction treatment that your health insurance plan covers (e.g. percentage, length of time, in-network facilities, etc.).

•Your income.

•The type and length of your program.

•The specific facility that you choose.

You should contact your insurance company and the facility that you are interested in to determine your exact cost for outpatient rehab.

New Jersey has been taking an initiative called “Reach NJ” to address the addiction epidemic that is currently going on in their state. A major part of Reach NJ is to provide low to no cost addiction treatment that meets every addicted individuals’ and their families’ needs. Low to no cost outpatient rehabs are popping up all over the state, so finding one in your New Jersey area should not be difficult.

Seacrest Recovery Center is a private outpatient rehab facility in Eatontown, Monmouth County, NJ. Their “Phase Back to Life” program is a unique outpatient treatment approach that uses three-phases. During the first two phases, you have the option to stay at their facility, but you will be allowed to interact with the outside world by going to work, school, court, see your family, etc., unlike an inpatient treatment program. Though the same protocol is used for every client, you treatment plan will be tailored to your individual needs. Their proximity to the ocean gives it the same aura as a luxury inpatient program.

The first phase, which is called partial-hospitalization, is the most rigorous and structured. After two weeks, you will move to the second phase, which is called intensive outpatient, for six to 10 weeks. Intensive outpatient is less rigorous and structured, but the expectation level will be higher since you are further progressed. The third and final phase, which is simply outpatient, is the least rigorous and structured. It lasts for an indefinite period, where you will still be in touch with center for at least two hours per week and will be expected to maintain an independent recovery lifestyle.

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