How Long Can You Use Extended Care Services for Addiction?

Sometimes a drug or alcohol addict goes through a program and does well. But, when the end of their treatment draws near, they find that they’re just not ready to reintegrate back into their life without the fear of relapse. Core skills are there, but not the coping mechanisms that allow them to handle addiction triggers that pop up in their lives. To help people in this situation, many programs became available, like extended care treatments. If you’re considering this kind of service, you might wonder how long you can use extended care services after addiction treatment.

Before we answer this, let’s briefly explain what extended services are. Addicts go through a long -term treatment, whether residential or outpatient. Once that’s completed, then they start an extended care service, which is like sending a person out with training wheels on a bike. Support is there to help guide you while you learn to implement the skills you learned in the program. We see this in a few different ways:

  • Outpatient program after an inpatient treatment
  • Sober living arrangement
  • Mentor support

How long can you use extended care services?

Typically, this program can last anywhere from 3 months to over a year. But, keep in mind, every clinic and type of treatment varies in what services they provide and how long they’ll last for each person. The more involved your customized plan is, the longer it’s likely to be. For example, someone with a severe addiction can leave an inpatient program and go to an outpatient service to transition back into their life.

You can expect a shorter duration when you need less involvement for your care. Mentorships often take less than 3 months for those who just need extra support for the weeks following their discharge from the program. Once they feel comfortable going at it on their own, the service can stop and the person goes on with their new life.

Treatment programs offer you the necessary skills to take control of your life when an addiction has been in the driver’s seat for some time. Once rehab is over, though, many people find they’re just not quite ready to go. Extended care services are an excellent way to help those individuals transition to a normal life, one day at a time. How long it takes to get to a full completion depends on you and what you’re comfortable with. For more information, or if you just have questions, call us at 833-610-1174. We’re here to help.

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