Can an Outpatient Drug Facility Force You to Get Inpatient Treatment?

Addiction is a deadly disease that doesn’t want you to get better, but there is help available through addiction treatment. When you’re deciding on going to treatment, you may wonder if outpatient is the best option for you because you may be worried about going to inpatient treatment. Some people don’t want to go to inpatient treatment because it seems like it’s much more than they need. While an outpatient treatment can’t force you to go into inpatient treatment, it may be what you need depending on the severity of your addiction.

Who is Outpatient Treatment For?

Outpatient treatment is a great option for anyone who has a lesser form of addiction because addiction is a progressive illness that only gets worse. If your substance abuse issues are in the early stages, you may only need an outpatient level of care. Inpatient treatment is designed for those who have more severe forms of addiction, and this is discovered through an evaluation. Those who should go to an inpatient program before outpatient may struggle with the following:

  • A history of chronic relapse
  • An unhealthy living environment
  • Mental illness
  • A low readiness to change
  • Medical issues

A mistake that some people make is wanting to go into an outpatient program when they really needed inpatient. If you go to an outpatient program with severe addiction and continue to relapse in outpatient, it may make you want to give up on trying to get sober. The addiction professionals you work with are going to give you the best suggestions for your recovery, and they’re there to help. Although you may not want to go to inpatient treatment, it may be the best option for you.

Going to Outpatient after Inpatient Treatment

For most people trying to overcome their addiction to drugs or alcohol, inpatient treatment is the best option to begin building a foundation for their recovery. If you think about how many times you said you weren’t going to get drunk or high, but you did anyways, it makes sense that inpatient is designed to keep you safe from yourself. As you progress through inpatient treatment and strengthen your recovery, it’s then a great idea to go to outpatient treatment. After you go through inpatient, your recovery will be put to the test as you face your professional and personal life, and outpatient can provide you with additional support as you go through this transition.

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